Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December 28, 2015........"I will be getting transferred, It's been a blessing to serve here"

Well,  friends and fam what a week we had! Thank you to everyone who
sent me cards and gifts for Christmas you guys rock!! And merry
Christmas to all of you! Weird to think I'll be home next Christmas.
Anyway, we found out that I will be getting transferred out of
Deland which is kinda sucky but I'm glad to be getting another new
area.  I will miss this ward it's such an awesome ward!!
 I was taken care of here and I blame them for the weight I've gained 
because of how many times we got fed!! Haha. It's been a blessing to serve here
 and I'm grateful for the people I've met especially David.
 We took him on a temple tour this week and it went
so sick!! He drove us down to Orlando and it was a party. He told us
he's gonna stop smoking and drinking we haven't even taught him about
the Word of Wisdom yet hahaha. We didn't see that many people this week,
In fact, the only person we saw was David and we saw him literally
every day it was awesome!  He came to church as well and he stayed
for all three hours. I'll miss David, but I know he will be baptized and
bless the lives of many with his conversion. Christmas Day we went to
the Deans house for a brunch and it was a party!! I didn't eat much
though because we had burger king early in the morning and it messed
me up so I wasn't hungry until later haha but it was fun to hang with
the Deans and see them open presents. Then we went to the Clarks and
ate and that was fun haha more food. Then we skyped our families! shout out
to the fam. And then we went to the Bishops house and played cards the
rest of the night and we played scum and I didn't know how to play so
I ended up being scum and wearing a goofy hat the rest of the night
lol. I was so tired. But now I know how to play. So yeah, transfers
are on Tuesday so I found out where I'll be going and who my new comp
is.! It's weird to think I've been here 4 1/2 months already hahaha
times goes by so fast. I have a lot of pics to send also so look for
those! I love you all have a good week and a happy new year!! 

I'll send pics Later!!  If they are blurry, then I'm sorry.  I dont know whats up with that.   Love you all!!

Elder Armijo

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December 21, 2015.."Me and Elder Crismon just do a little dance in our seats and a fist bump"

Well, friends and fam December is almost over and Christmas is this
week. I wish time would just slow down for bit haha. But this week was
so sick! I don't know where to begin. Sunday we had a less
active/returning couple bring their neighbor to church. And he walked
in with a Book of Mormon that these neighbors had given him and told
him about. So that right there is reason enough to turn up haha less
actives doing missionary work! So anyway, his name is "D" and let me
tell you about "D". He stands 6 feet 1 inch and is Native American
specifically from the Cherokee tribe. He has sick hair and is about 50
years of age. He's an actor who is going to be starring in a film with
Brad Pitt. And his first ever encounter with Mormons and the Book of
Mormon was when Marie Osmond was sitting next to him on a plane and
they got to talking about it. So that's a little about "D". Oh,
and he ha"D" comes to church and after sacrament meeting, we briefly
talk to him and found out he loved it and so we asked if we can meet
with him and he said yes here's my number call me.
 So we did that and went to his home, not a minute early, not a minute late
 ( we were on exchanges so it was Elder Crismon my Zone leader and me).  
So we sit down in his living room while he is cooking for us. It smelled
good. I was hungry. So as we are waiting we start asking him about his
life and why he decided to come to church and he said he has been
reading from the Book of Mormon every day and knows a lot of Mormons.
He loves the Book of Mormon and we also brought him a King James Holy
Bible so he could use it along side the B of M. "D" then proceeded to tell us
how everyone told him that he was going down the wrong path because he
was reading the Book of Mormon then he told us that he responds to all
who try to persuade him, that the Book of Mormon does not replace the
Bible, but it helps us better understand the teachings of the Bible. At
this point me and Elder Crismon are just in awe like this guy is not a
member okay I promise and then Elder Crismon says " Well do you
believe Joseph Smith is a prophet ? " and "D" stops cooking, looks up
and says "Oohhhh yeah I do " and he goes back to cooking and me and
Elder Crismon just do a little party in our seats and fist bump. Then
we proceed to ask more questions and then he finishes cooking and we
ate and it was so good it was like a golden investigator walked into
church asked us to teach him and he cooked us heavenly food. I thought
I was dreaming. Then after, we ate we discussed more of the gospel and
the church and "D" says you know guys people aren't gonna like me
even more. And we were like what do you mean? He said well they
already don't like me because I'm Indian and because I'm an actor just
wait till they find out I'm a Mormon. Hahahaha and me and Elder
Crismon just crack up but legit he considers himself a member of the
church already it's awesome! So the next time we went over we talked
about baptism and he had been up until 2:30 a.m. studying baptism in the
Bible and the Book of Mormon and when we got there he said " guys I
understand baptism now" and so we talked about it and we invited him
to be baptized and he said, "of course I will".

 So my testimony is that Heavenly Father prepares the
hearts of his children and I know it for a surety. 
The Lord has suffered us to serve where we are serving
so we can find the souls we need to bring to him. Miracles are real
and they are happening and I am a witness of them. Many others
happened this week, but I will save those for another email or just my
journal. I love my mission and the Lord showed me that he knows what's
best for all of us because I did not want to switch areas. But I am so
grateful that we did. I love you all merry Christmas!!

Also, Here are some pics!

Elder Armijo

1. just a selfie in the sweater
2.just a selfie in the church 
3.not sure why its so small but a pic of all the elders i came out with 
4.a pic inside a cool book/comic store with my sick sweater
5. one of my favorite families in the world the deans!! 
6.and a small pic of me and my friend Ashton sword fighting hahaha 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 14, 2015...""Help Thou My Unbelief"

Well friends and fam what a week we have had here in DeLand. I don't even know where to begin we've had so much happen and so much that is yet to happen!! The highlight of is week was the amount of people we were able to see and teach. We are still getting to know everyone and the area so we are basically using the " hi were new and wanted to introduce ourselves do you think we could share a message about christ with you " and it's been working pretty great actually hahaha. I can't tell you all the people we saw or that would be a long letter but one person we saw was "K" and she is a new investigator and earlier in the week a member called us telling us she had an investigator for us and told us we needed to Come over and teach her right away haha so the next day we went over and first off members calling and saying they have people for you to teach is how the mission should be so when it happens you jump on it!  So we went to meet with "K" and actually met the member for the first time as well haha and we taught her and it was a really awesome lesson she had such good questions and concerns and man the spirit was so strong then the member asked if we could give "K" a blessing because she has gone through a lot and is going through a lot still and so after explaining the restoration and the priesthood elder Wilson and I gave her a blessing. Now normally I don't like giving blessings to people who don't understand the concept of a blessing or the priesthood but who am I to deny someone that? Jesus Christ wouldn't deny the man with the son who needed healing. The man only had little belief and faith " Help thou my unbelief" and Jesus still healed his son. So we gave her a blessing and it was awesome!! Afterwards, she said that she felt so much better and she had been feeling sick and like she had an ulcer in her stomach ( idk what that is ) and she said after the blessing that she felt perfectly fine and no more pain and that she was happy. Then the few days following we got phone calls from her and the member telling us that she had certain things wrong with her body before the blessing but now they are fine and she wants to keep meeting with us so it was awesome to be able to use the priesthood in the manner it is supposed to be used. Like my boy Elder Farnsworth said " It was amazing to see the priesthood work to bless other people". So we will be meeting with her next week so I'm stoked for that the Friday we had our ward Christmas party and I probably gained like 50 pounds it sucks I wish I could play ball for 3 hours a day to keep off the weight. But we get fed here a lot and that's awesome. But yeah it was an awesome week and this week should be just as good. We have our mission Christmas devotional on Friday so that will be fun. Love you all hope you all have a good week!!! Can't wait to skype next week!!!!  Time is flying "if time is money I need a loan but regardless I'll keep keepin on" - G-Eazy ....hahaha 
Wooo!!! #leedleleedleleedle #1yearmarkhascomeandgone #curtgoeshomesosoon #ilovetacobell #andwendys 
Elder Armijo 

Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015....Hump Day!

Hello Everyone,

 Well, I've been out a year. Lol . This week was very long and tiring. Tuesday we moved and it was an all day thing. We first moved the furniture from the sisters old apartment to our new apartment then we moved out stuff from our old apartment to our new one then we moved the sisters stuff to our old apartment or their new apartment. Kinda crazy. We had some help from the ward and other missionaries so that was cool. The frustrating part is we are pretty much white washing this area so we were hoping our area books would have been switched the day of the move but they weren't. In fact, it took until mid-day Friday for the mission office to realize that we switched areas and apartments not just apartments then they switched our area books. But from Tuesday to Friday we really didn't have anywhere to go or people to see except one of the sisters new investigators. He is pretty sweet, We talked to him about the great apostasy and when he heard what we believe his jaw dropped hahaha it was funny to see his expression but he is very open and we gave him some very specific reading to do before we come back. Other than that our week was full of frustration and organizing and arranging our new apartment. But it's nice being the first missionaries in an apartment cuz it's not all thrashed or have that used smell hahaha. Most apartments you go to they have crap from last missionaries and it's annoying so it's cool to have a new apartment. Another good thing is every morning instead of waking up at 6:30 and going into the living room and laying on the floor until 7, we woke up and went to the church every morning and I played basketball by myself haha Elder Wilson can't do much due to medical reasons but it's nice to be able to live so close to the church and be able to go play ball every morning. This is me trying to focus on the positive things about this switch because there are so many negatives. Anyway, Sunday night we watched the first Presidency Christmas devotional which was awesome. Bednar is such a boss. We have an upcoming visit from a general authority here in the FOM pretty soon and I hope it's him or Holland they like to throw down. Anyway, I love you guys and this church and my Savior Jesus Christ.Have a good week can't wait to skype in a few weeks wooooooo ! 

Elder Armijo

-Ice Skating today for District P-day (Kinda Blury)
-Me burning my shirt on my one year mark day!
-Me wearing the "Hump" day T-shirt Mama sent me and the  camel that gets passed around the mission on Hump day!
-The decorations in our apartment and one our door that Mama sent me

Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015...."Post the new Christmas Video on your Facebook to share with others"

Hey friends and fam bam! 

I Hope you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving. We ate with the Smiths and it was bomb. I'd say all the things I'm grateful for but you'd be reading for an eternity so I'll save you the eyesore haha. This past week was pretty good, on Monday I got my ear cut open finally haha so now my ear isn't all swollen and filled with nasty ish. Now I have to go to a Plastic Surgeon to get everything fully removed but it's a lot better now than it was before the Dermatologist cut it open haha. It's a relief really. Then the rest of the week we were just busy stopping by people and getting them and the area ready for when we switch on Tuesday.  We met with the sisters for an hour and went over all the people we are working with and they did the same. It will be cool to meet new people.  I'm trying to have a good attitude about it notice I said trying haha. Anyway, we had a good last week here. We weren't able to see "M" cuz she was in New York but we did stop by anyway after church and we were able to talk to her son and show him the new Christmas video! He loved it and said it was a good way to start the day because he was going to work and he said he'll be looking forward to meeting with the sisters soon as well so that was awesome.

The new video really is sweet it came out today Sunday but we've known about it since last zone conference. It's such a good opportunity to share our faith in Christ with those around us. Just like last years' Christmas video and the Easter ones the church and God really expects all of us including members to use this as a missionary tool. Post it on Facebook get some good stuff on social media and flood our the bad stuff. Share it with your friends at work or school or with your visiting and home teaching families. A simple 2 minute video can help someone feel the spirit and see what the church is about or help someone feel the spirit after not feeling it for a long time. The lord has truly blessed us with the technology we have and the ways we can communicate with those we know throughout the world so let's use that! I wish we were a Facebook mission again, but we aren't so we have to count on the members here to post it. Also, we will be sharing it with everyone we come into contact with.

As Christmas approaches I realize this is my last Christmas in the mission so I want to do everything I can to share this video and gospel as a missionary while I still can. It's weird and sad to think next Christmas I'll be home haha.  I'd rather stay another year then go home that soon. Anyway, I love you all have a rad week and share the video with everyone!!! 

Elder Armijo
                                               To watch the new Video, click on this link  

November 23, 2015..."New area = New People to work with"

Hey fam bam how is everything?

Okay anyway, this past week was pretty cool just a normal week sorta we had a few doctors appointments. We had to go to for Elder Wilson so like 3 days we weren't even in our area which stunk but when we were it was just filled with stop bys and getting people ready for the sisters to start working with them. We finally got a referral this week from the Sanford Elders but we haven't been able to meet with her yet she keeps changing the day haha So we aren't sure if she's down, but the Elders say she's super solid so we have faith that we will be able to meet with her. We also had our Book of Mormon study group like we always do on Wednesday and "M" came and she just bore her testimony like it was nothing. It was at the end of our study and she shared her conversion and her testimony not just to this church but of her faith in Christ and it was so sick!! Almost cried. Jk I don't cry. But really it was awesome she is gonna be gone for a while she is leaving today actually to NY to see her daughters so we aren't sure when she will be back. But the sisters will now be working with her when we switch our areas. Speaking of that, Me and Elder Wilson are actually pretty excited. We've set a lot of companionship goals and many personal goals and the conclusion or big goal is we just want to feel more like Missionaries. We want to not cut corners and we want to work hard so we don't look back and say oh I wish I would have done this better or work harder. We are excited for a new area and new people to work with. I'm pumped because we will be living across the street from the church building so now I can wake up and go play basketball for my Morning workouts and lose some of this weight I've gained I'm so fat. But yeah it will be awesome, this week we have Thanksgiving lunch/dinner with the Smiths my favorite family.  Actually I have a lot of favorite families haha but they are on the top of the list. So we are excited for that!!! I hope everyone has somewhere to go for the Holidays. If there are people in your ward or just people you know in general who don't have anywhere to go or food to eat for Thanksgiving please invite them into your homes.

I love you guys. Sorry, not much happened this week when we switch areas we will have more things to write about haha. Let me know if I can do anything for any of you!! Have a great week. 

Ya boy Elder Armijo " The Legend " 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November 16, 2015....."Hold to the Rod and never let go"

Well friends and fam bam it's been another week!

This past week was super busy and crazy and really awesome. The big news is transfers is tomorrow and me and Elder Wilson will be staying together for another 6 weeks, but there's a catch. We are going to be switching areas with the sisters in our ward. So right now we cover the south part of the ward and the sisters cover the north, but the sisters have been complaining that their area is too dangerous at night tell the members how scared they were so we got a call from President Berry and he told us we will be switching areas December 1st. Which means all the people we are working with we won't be working with anymore. Honestly I've been a little upset about it since we found out but I'm trying to focus on the positive things about it such as new people to work with and more people to find and we get a new apartment but still upset to say the least. Oh well I'll get over it. 

 I normally don't give a play by play of the days but this time I will so:

Monday was pday and we had district pday. We went to a place called the Old Sugar Mill and we made our own pancakes and stuff it was cool. Then we went on a nature walk lol which was also very cool I guess but very humid like for real Florida would be perfect without the humidity. So that was fun. Tuesday we had zone conference! It was pretty good. We were introduced to the TIWI device which is something that goes into our cars that tracks our driving and stuff ( the government is watching ) so every missionary companionship got one hooked up to their car.. Except for me and Elder Wilson hahaha. Our car is old and has 51k miles on it so when we are done with it they are just going to get rid of the car so they didn't put one in ours. Everyone is pretty jealous hahaha.

Wednesday and Thursday we had little time in " our area " lol so we stopped by a few people and we got to eat with Maria and her son and his girlfriend which was awesome. She cooked some legit Spanish food it was bomb. We got to answer some questions her son and his girlfriend had about the church and stuff and it was pretty cool, then Friday. 

Friday was awesome! We were able to go to the temple! Elder Wilson at the beginning of his mission baptized a family and they hit their year mark and so when converts hit their year marks they get to go to the temple and so Elder Wilson and his trainer were able to go but so were their companions so we got to go to an endowment session with his converts for their first time, But then get this....... It's the cherry on top! They have three kids!  So on Saturday the next day we drove down again to the Temple for the sealing of the family!!! It was so sickkkkk. I had been to a sealing before for Queston and Mollees but this one was different because there was 3 little kiddos and it was the coolest thing. Elder Wilson and his first comp ( Elder Scott my homie ) got to be the witnesses!! So being Elder Wilson's comp this transfer was a super! plus because I got to go the temple twice this week when we only usually get to go twice a year!

Sunday We had church and that was awesome. Then later that night or last night. We were able to attend a special musical concert for the missionaries put on by some guy named Marvin Goldstein and a woman named Vanessa Joy. I guess they are some pretty famous performers and they were in Orlando doing a show and so they called President Berry and said they wanted to do a concert for all the missionaries and any investigators we have. So we went to that and it was pretty awesome. He plays the piano and she sings really well. ( I still think my little sister sings better than anyone ) . But yeah I found out the Vanessa lady is from AZ as well so that's cool, but anyway, this week was cool.
I hope you all had a good one. I know some bad stuff went down in Paris. we might not get to listen to the news or watch it but the members sure do make sure we know how bad the world is.. Stay close to the Lord. We know these are the times prophesied by so many. Hold to the rod and never let go. 

I'll try and take some pics today love ya guys 
Elder Armio
PIC:  This is Levi!  He's my best friend!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

November 9, 2015......"Stay strong in your faith and testimony"

Well friends and family another week has come and gone.  We were able to see more people this week than we have in a few weeks and that was awesome. We had a goal and we reached that goal. So that was good. I like setting goals and I like achieving those goals. I saw a quote that said " Righteous goals become reality " #truedat. But this week "M" did come to church again and she brought her sons girlfriend who is not a member! So that was really cool, "M" has just like completely blown us outta the water haha She always tells us how special we are and how God sent us to knock on her door because she said she was never going to come back to the church until we showed up. We are eating dinner with her on Thursday and I finally get to have some authentic home cooked Spanish food. The closest I've come to that is my quesadillas I make lol. But anyway, I don't want to write about the controversial topic that seems to be causing members to have shaken faith syndrome but if you are doubting in any way, take it to Heavenly Father in prayer. Read the scriptures. and go to church. You will regain the witness of the truthfulness of this gospel as you once had. If that doesn't work then stop reading sources that are not official church statements. Go to and listen to Elder Christofferson explain it all. Remember the gospel is easy, don't make it more complicated than it has to be. Were in the lasts days, stuff is going to get worse before it gets good. Stay strong in your faith and testimony and don't let the world take you away from what you've always known to be true. Love you all. I have a bunch of selfies I took with a cool new portrait of Jesus we got from a member lol. And also today is district p day and we went to a place called the old sugar mill and made our own pancakes and then went on a nature walk so I have a lot of pics to send but I will have to send them like 2 at a time so bare with me I'll send them eventually haha love you all.

Elder Armijo

 Me and Elder Chugg

 We were given this picture of Christ

Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015..."We know this is the start to the progression of work here"

Hello friends and fam!!

 Another week down here in the FOM. This week marks 11 months since I've arrived. Pretty crazy. It's funny every time another month passes I always think back to when I was a greenie.  I literally never thought I would make it to a year it seemed so far away. I wish it was as far away now as it was then but I'm grateful for the time I've had here so far and the many people I have met. Anyway, this past week was pretty good. We seem to be doing a lot of the same stuff each week but for some reason Sunday went from being the day we unwind to our busiest day of the week. We see all the people that say they will come to church and don't, and we see all the people that did come to church. This last Sunday we stopped by to visit a  lady named "M" who is a member but she is sort of less active. We came across her in the area book and we had no idea who she was so we decided to stop by her house ( I think I've mentioned her before ) and she ended up being super awesome and she has come to church the last two weeks. So, today we went over in the evening and we talked to her and we were able to give her son and his girlfriend a blessing. It was sort of awkward at first because we had never met them before nor talked with them but they are non members so it was a good way to talk about the Priesthood being restored. But as we were leaving "M"'s house she told us that she is so grateful we stopped by. She used to not like our ward but she says ever since we've stopped by, the ward has been so loving and caring and welcoming more than ever before so she thinks we are " Special Missionaries" she said that we could wrap Jesus all around her family. She wants us to teach her husband and her son and her sons girlfriend because she said no other Missionaries had been able to talk to her husband but he has been so awesome with us and the same with her son. "M" is so awesome. She has only been to church twice since we've met her and this Sunday she bore her testimony and shared her conversion story and it was so cool! It's been a real testimony builder for me because it just helps me know what I already know, that the Lord guides us to those that are ready, members and non members. Even though we don't have much going on in this area right now, we know this is a start to the progression of the work here. I hope you all had a good fast Sunday and I hope you actually fasted and didn't just go hungry hahaha. I'm guilty of that sometimes. Anyway, LOVES and also I'll send pics in a separate email!!  

Elder Armijo

Oh and this just happened.....So get this We were emailing at the church and I went to the car to grab something and a guy pulled up a big black guy and he was saying how he and his family were trying to get home to Indiana and he was asking for the bishop or a pastor but there is no one here Except us missionaries and he said he and his wife had met with missionaries while they lived in Florida and so he didn't know where else to go but the church, so I grabbed elder bravo and elder chugg and we were talking to him and of course as missionaries we aren't supposed to give out money I know that but I couldn't just tell him " yeah man we are missionaries for the church of JESUS CHRIST " and then tell him we can't help him? When we all knew good and well we could at least get him gas. So after thinking and praying in my head I told him that I would fill his tank up. And so I did. And I feel great about it. 27 dollars I would have used to buy shoes that I don't need but that I wanted, but instead it helped a family. 

1. Me and Elder Wilson at the booth
2. Fall Festival (Our Booth that the Sisters set up)  haha
3. Our District plus the Hermanas from the Spanish Branch

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 26, 2015...."Even though I'm a Missionary, I'm not perfect"

Hey friends and fam bam what's up?
 Another week has come and gone. And October is pretty much over. Happy birthday to my Momma on the 31st she's the best. When things get tough I know I can always count on my mom to send me something to cheer me up or send me something that will make me snap outta being such a softy haha. I'm grateful for the support I have back home it helps me so much. Mom I'm not sure what age you are now but I'll guess and say 45 ? I should know but I don't. Hahaha. Still love you though.

 Anyway, this week was pretty good. It started out really slow because Tuesday I was sick and so we stayed in all day and I got to drink some Diet Coke and take medicine (Mission Nurse really) . I hated not doing anything it's like so annoying when we aren't doing anything but I could barely walk I had such a bad migraine for like 3 days straight haha. Then the rest of the week I was fine the medicine and rest on Tuesday helped me continue throughout the week and now I'm back to normal.

 This week we were invite to attend a missionary homecoming dinner for two guys that just returned this week from their missions. That was pretty trunky hahaha but it was cool they cooked a pig so that was cool. But Sunday was a good day for us. We had church which is always so awesome. Church is the best!. Then we had dinner at the Smiths and they are probably my favorite family in the ward hahaha. Thus are just really down to earth and we always have fun when we are at their house. Then afterwards we had like 4 hours to kill. Honestly, I was so tired I just wanted to go home  but I kept feeling like we should go see a family that is less active and so we did and we had never met them and we stopped by and it was so awesome haha I went to knock on the door and right before I knocked the husband answered and was like hey elders Come on in. And so we did and we talked with them for about an hour and shared a message with them. They had been through the temple and everything and are still super strong in their  testimonies they just simply got out of the habit of coming to church. Work got crazy and so did life and they slowly stopped coming. So it was awesome to meet them they are so cool!. Also, this week we helped a guy change his tire. We were pulling out of our complex and I saw a guy changing his tire and I was like. " ehh I'm hungry " and I wasn't going to stop cuz even though I'm a missionary I'm not perfect but I looked over again and his car fell off the jack and slammed to the ground so then I was like okay we're gonna drop and help and so we pulled off and walked up to him and he was trying to lift his car by himself and he couldn't so we told him we would lift and he could grab the jack and position it again so we did that and we ended up talking to him. He's from Nigeria and he has friends that are members of the church and he said he's going to talk to them about the missionaries and going to church now! He doesn't live in our area but still it was pretty sweet. Anyway, love you guys hope you all had a good week, oh and did I mention when I went to lift the car my pants ripped right down the crotch? Yeah it was pretty funny hahahahaha. 

Elder Armijo

Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015....."Although I may fall short, I am worthy to hold this Priesthood"

Well friends and fam bam!

  Another week has come and gone. Time is going fast. I wish I could be at the beginning of my mission again. I miss being a greeny hahaha not really. But anyway, this past week was a pretty good one. Unfortunately, we weren't able to meet with that many people that we found last week but this week will be way better. We have a lot of set lessons with people. But  we were able to come across a less active member who is Super awesome. Her name is "M"  and she is so happy and nice. We were just going through our area book and were stopping by members that we didn't recognize and she was one of them . When we knocked she opened the door and was so happy to see us, the first thing she said was " I was just thinking about you guys" I love when that happens. It just shows me more and more that God knows us. So she invites us in and we get to talking and we find out she used to attend a Spanish branch but it is too far away and she says that reason she hasn't come to the English ward is because the ward isn't as welcoming and loving as the Spanish branch. Which I could go on about that but I won't this time. Save you guys my opinion for once lol. But anyway, her husband is not a member he's actually atheist and he was just leaving but he seemed really nice. We were able to teach her and talk to her about coming to church. She kept telling us to pray for her husband and so we did and we gave her a blessing. This was Saturday, Sunday we were hoping she would come to church but she ended up not going so we stopped by again and she said she couldn't get a ride but she also told us  that later Saturday night when her husband got home he walked in and sat down and told her he felt really peaceful and calm and she said she told him it was because the Mormons were praying for him and he didn't say anything . But that was pretty cool I know it's because we are praying for him. God loves him just as much as he loves the prophet of the church, that might rattle some people but it's the truth, God loves the strongest atheist just as much as he does the prophet of the church. Another highlight of the week was a recent convert asked if I would be the one to give him the Aaronic Priesthood and ordain him to the office of a Priest. I was super happy and shocked he asked me and I was so nervous. It was one of the best experiences I've had on my mission. I know that he will stay active and continue to do what is right and when it comes time for him to be ordained to the Melchizedek priesthood he will be ready. It's awesome how the Lord can use us as his instruments in this work if we are worthy. On my mission I have felt so inadequate in various situations, but my greatest joy is found when someone asks me to help them via exercising my priesthood such as blessings or baptism, or ordaining someone, because I know that although I may fall short everyday, I am worthy to hold this priesthood and when called upon to exercise it there is no hesitation. I'm so grateful for that and I hope and pray that it can stay that way throughout my life. So, to those of you who are younger in High School or Middle School who hold the Aaronic priesthood, remember that wherever you go, you're priesthood goes with you. So always be worthy of it. Remember who you are and when situations arise that would possibly jeopardize your worthiness, ask yourself if what your about to do or say will help edify or help diminish that priesthood that you hold. Because one day you will be called upon to exercise that priesthood and when that time comes you must be willing and worthy to do so. I love you all and hope you all have a great week. Stay active, stay worthy, and if the gospel of Jesus Christ isn't working for you, simplify your life so it does work for you. 
Elder Armijo
1. Me and Elder Bravo
2. Me and Elder Chugg
3.  My shoe
4.  Selfie....Haircut

Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015 ..."If We Don't Have That Then We Have Nothing"

Well hello friends and family!

 Another week has come and gone and so has transfers. So my new companion is Elder Wilson and he's from Albany Oregon. He's a chill guy and we get along pretty well. I've been kinda trunky lately since my last comp Elder Ferrin is home right now in Arizona haha it's weird to think about but this week was so awesome! Hands down best week so far in this area. We decided to just go through our area book in the former section and stop by every person that had met with missionaries before but were dropped due to dumb reasons. So we did that and we found 5 new people to teach this week. Not to mention we received a media referral for a lady who requested a Bible and so we go over there and she said she doesn't remember requesting a Bible but she allowed us to share a message with her and we did and she invited us back and now we are teaching her!!! We are super pumped to finally have people to teach that has been the struggle here the last 6 weeks. So we are gonna just keep finding and finding until we have everyone in our area book stopped by or teaching. Diligence is key. Work work work, there's no satisfactory substitute. This all happened within like the first 2 days of us being together so I'm super pumped for what's to come with these new people and with the people we are yet to find. I hate not having people to teach and places to go. Nothing bugs me more than not having anything so I'm just super pumped. I'll be honest when I first got to this area I didn't like being here. But now I love it. I love the ward and I love the people here. Not to mention we are full car now which is good because we don't have to bike anymore but also bad because I'll probably gain some pounds I don't need lolol. But don't worry when I hit 18 moths I'll be doing 6 months to sexy so I can be slim again when I return. Anyways I love you guys and I love this mission. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I think that's so important, to have a relationship with Christ. If we don't have that then we have nothing. The Book of Mormon , Joseph smith, the church they all mean nothing if we first don't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, this is his church and no one else's. Love ya guys have a good week! 

Elder Armijo

1. Me and Elder Ferrin at transfer meeting RIP Elder Ferrin 
2. This is my new companion Elder Wilson and his 400 ties 

At transfer meeting

Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015...."THEIR WORDS SPEAK TO MY SOUL"

Well friends and fam bam Another week has come and gone and on
Saturday I hit my 10 month mark. That in itself is a miracle. Lol. Jk
but kinda. The time has just gone by so fast. I know I say this every
email but I can't fathom the fact that I have been out for 10 months.
It seems like it's only been 1 month. Not to mention all my friends
who have been out longer than that it's just crazy. This week was a
crazy week. We started off the week with Tuesday and we weren't able
to see anyone at all. We tried and tried to see people but there was
no one that was willing and if they were, we weren't able to get to
them due to being on bikes. Then Wednesday came along and it was a
little better. We had Book of Mormon class and that was good. We read
from Mosiah 3 where it talks about King Benjamin and his address to
the people. We read that in preparation for general conference which
was the bomb. Then Thursday I was on exchanges with the one and only
Elder Chugg. He's so funny haha. We had a pretty good day we saw 4
people and 2 of them were investigators. We finished the night off
with some good ole street contacting and we decided to walk instead of
bike. Bad idea. We live about 2 or 3 miles from where there are
actually people and when we got to the main road and stuff there was
literally no one out to talk to so we walked around for 2 hours and
nothing.  So, we stopped by an investigator in the area and talked with
him for a bit. After the walking we got home and the soles of my shoes
came off haha I have a pic. Then Friday elder Ferrin had his departing
temple trip so we had to wake up at 4 to get ready for a ride to get
us at 5:30 then we drove with some other elders down to lake Mary
which is kinda by Orlando and then all the missionaries who are going
home left to the temple and then us, the companions, stayed with 2 zone
leaders for the day. Yeah I know lame that we don't get to go to the
temple with them.
       Then Saturday and Sunday were General Conference and let me
tell you I freakin needed it. I received so much personal
revelation and I'm so stoked about the new Apostles. The talks in
every session were awesome I learned something from all of them. But
of course my favorite was Elder Holland. Usually I'm expecting him to
throw down hardcore haha but this time he spoke about Mothers and it
was awesome. There is no such thing like Motherly love. So to my
Mother, who has stuck by my side no matter what, and who has taught me
this Gospel, I love you and will forever be indebted to you. Thank you
for your example, and for showing me that there is always more to be
grateful for. There's no better words to describe it other than the
words of the stripping warriors concerning their faith and
righteousness; "We do not doubt our Mothers knew it ". So like them I
don't doubt, because I know that my Mother knows best. She always has.
        I'm grateful for living Prophets and Apostles who lead and
guide us today. Every time I listen to them I am reassured by the Holy
Ghost that they are indeed called if God. Rail and slander them as you
will but I know them to be true servants of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Their words speak to my soul and the spirit confirms to me that what
they say is true. I hope each of you were able to watch conference and
were able to receive and answer to a prayer or a question that you
had. Because I know I did in many instances. I love you all and hope
you have a good week. Transfers are tomorrow so I will be getting a
new companion again so I will let you know how that goes.

Okay some pics
1. Me elder chugg elder bravo and elder ferrin before Saturday sessions oF GC
2. District picture from Wednesday
3. District picture when I look Asian and like I'm in love with elder bravo
4. Duck face selfie for all the haters