Friday, August 26, 2016

August 22, 2016....."I Love teaching so much"

Well friends and family another week down here in Cocoa.
 I've been here 15 weeks now which is crazy to think about. 
My mom sent me a picture of my flight plans she received this past week lol 
pretty dope. This week was okay like usual we had about 12 visits with people
fall through which is always a huge disapointment. But we were able to meet with a lady
named Stacey who was a Bible referral and when we brought her the
Bible she was super nice and we taught her a little about the
restoration. After we left she went on to and requested
more stuff so we went back again and gave her some DVDs and a pamphlet
and we are now going over there every Friday and Saturday  to teach her
all about the church and go through the lessons with her.  She is
really nice and very open. It's always a good sign when you ask what
they've heard about the Mormon church and they say " well not a lot of
good things but I don't like when people try and say bad things about
another church I never listen to them " haha so we will see where that
goes, it's nice to actually teach someone. I love teaching so much
it's one of my favorite rolls as a missionary. I will miss teaching
immensely once I finish this mission. I love you all I will try and
write more stuff in the coming letters!

Here is a pic of the senior missionaries that went home.

Cocoa /Vero Beach Zone-First Zone Conference with President Clark

Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8, 2016...."Know Thyself, Control Thyself, Give Thyself"

Hey friends and fam its ya boy Elder Armijo. And as drake says " I'm
back and I'm better " 

These last couple of weeks I seem to have fallen
into a rut that I either could not or would not get myself out of, I
guess you could say I hit the " wall " that a lot of missionaries do
right before they go home. But this past week I've reflected on the
last 20 months that I have been serving a mission for the Lord and I
realized the way I have been feeling is exactly how I felt when I
first came out; concerned about things that I shouldn't be concerned
about at this point in my mission. I've had to realize for the 100th
time that this is not my mission. This is the Lords mission and I just
have the opportunity to serve as a missionary on the Lords time. I
have experienced so many miracles during my time here and I'm so
grateful for the people I've have been able to meet and form relationships
with that will last forever.

 The atonement has carried me through my
mission just as it has through my life. We are going to have
weaknesses, we are going mess up, but it's how we react to these
things that will shape us into the individuals we are meant to become.
I have a favorite talk that I listen to often and it's a pretty old
talk. It's called " Know thyself, Control thyself, Give thyself" by
Paul H. Dunn who makes a few good points that have helped
me these past weeks and throughout my mission. He says, " Someone has
said that success consists not in never falling, but in rising every
time you fall. Get up one more time than you go down, young people,
and you will win. Stay down, and you lose. My father used to say,
Paul, there are dozens of rules for success, but none of them work
unless you do"." I love how blunt and straight forward it is. Get up
you win, stay down you lose. And I don't  know about you guys but I
love to win so I'm going to keep getting up every time I fall down. He
also says " That means, if I understand the gospel correctly, that
there isnt one single failure among us. The word can't is false
doctrine in the Mormon Church. When a young man says to me,I can't
do it, I become concerned because in a sense he is saying, I
don't understand the gospel. He may not be motivated; he may have
discouragements; there may be barriers in his life; but you can

I love you all and I hope you all have a great week, see you soon! 

Elder Armijo

These are 3 of my boys from the MTC.  There are six of us left who will all go home in Dec.  I love these guys!

Elder Carver
Elder Palmer
Elder Chidester