Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015........."What if I'm just not made to be a Missionary?"

Another week down!! What is up friends and fam!! Crazy how fast time
is going. This past week was a blast I hope you all had a good one as
well! So this week was the first week of the transfer and me and elder
 Pututau have been together for 7 weeks now. It's gone by sooooo fast.
Week one is always a hit or miss ha-ha either you do really well or you
just have a yucky start to the transfer. But me and elder P have had
good starts to both transfers and I don't see it ever stopping lol. We
have hit our goals every week and most of the time exceed them. Hard
work truly does make the dream work ....wait what? Lol. I hope all my
friends are doing well on their missions. Did Hunter get his call
yet?? If he did then I'm late but I'm calling somewhere in Michigan! I
hope he goes in the U.S.! U.S. Missions are the best cuz well AMERICA.
And because we still get all the things we did back home lol.( most of
the time). But let me know where he gets called!

Over the last few months I have been here I have come to notice that
the more we work the easier it gets. Now I'm referring to missionary
work but take it as you please cuz it can apply to anything really. I
have sort of adapted to the mission life in 5 short months and I never
really thought I could. I remember driving to the airport with my dad
and asking him "what if I'm just not made to be a missionary, I don't
think I will be able to adapt to the missionary lifestyle." I
sincerely could not picture myself riding a bike talking to people and
teaching them about the gospel. You guys know me and I'm sure it was
hard for you to picture too lol. But I got here and I just did it. A
missionary serving in my ward back home told me something that I
understand now. I asked him how he liked being a missionary if it was
hard. And he said you know man you just do it. I thought I knew what
he meant. But now. I understand completely. Missionary work is not an
easy task. Nor is it meant to be. It wasn't easy for Jesus Christ so
why would it be easy for us? Why do we complain when it gets rough and
why do we want to quit? Knowing what our Savior went through knowing
why he did what he did, why would we even think about giving up when
he didn't? We have no right. This may sound harsh, especially coming
from me go figure, but we have no right to give up. The Savior did not
atone for the world just so we could decide that something is too hard
and to say that we can't do it. By doing so we show a lack of faith in
our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. By saying there is no way I can do
this, we might as well be saying Jesus Christ can't even help me. And
that....that is where we are wrong. The ONLY person that can actually
help us is our savior. He is the light and the life of the world and
we are to abide in him permanently,  unyielding, steadfastly, and
forever. (Elder Holland) so never give up, never give in press forward
with faith in Christ and he will take care of you. There is no
mountain high nor valley low enough that he cannot save you from. You
just have to let him and we have to keep fighting. Satan is a real
being set on destroying us and he will try anything and everything to
break you. If you give up then you are giving in to his requests and
his doings.

This email is a little serious but there's been some stuff happen here
where people have given up on themselves and others and it's
heartbreaking. I love you all have a good week

Elder Armijo
 Dinner at Outback with a family that Elder P is related to....I
 Me and Elder Pututau.  I'm copping some collard greens at a members home. haha
At the church today, P-day,  With Elders Demille, Scott, Fullmer and Olson

Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015....,,"I hope others actually read these Blog posts, if not, at least my Mom and Dad do"

Hello everyone!

 So another week down and April is almost over!!
That's so crazy haha. So Hunter had his farewell? Nice he's gonna do
so awesome he'll love the MTC it's all you can eat free food lol. Well
this week was pretty good. First off me and Elder Pututau will be
staying another transfer together! So we're both staying in Olympia
which is a good thing!! Super happy about that. We have so much
success together it would be blasphemy to split us up after only 1
transfer lol. But in 13 days I will be out 5 months......just think
about that real quick. Time has flown by!!! I can still remember the
first week I got here lol. Like every detail. I really love the ward
here and have met such awesome people. Our ward seems to be the ward
for all of the people visiting the theme parks so we always have new
faces in our ward so it's fun to talk to people and see where they are
from and stuff. Some good news is we got a hold of "C" finally
and she is still super awesome! We aren't sure how much longer she
will be in her house :( so we might not get to see her baptized here.
She isn't sure what's gonna happen. But we are meeting with her this
week to figure stuff out. In the next few weeks we have a mission
conference and there will be a general authority coming to that! And
also our stake conference for the Orlando south stake and I believe a
general authority is coming to that.  So that should be awesome! I think
he is doing a mission tour so it might be the same one. I think he's
from the 70. Haha on Sunday we ate at Brother Aholas house and let me
just say I'm so grateful to be serving in Orlando Florida lol. He's
like a multi millionaire who's the humblest guy ever. He's from
Finland and he's so awesome. I took a picture of the view from his
dining room so I will send that lol. It's awesome serving in the area
that the temple is in! So many members of our ward live next to it.
Well this email is a lot of random stuff but I can't think of much to
say this week, I'm so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve
and to grow as an individual and help others grow. I've truly learned
to put others first and I'm excited to see what the rest of my mission
has in store for me. I hope others actually read these blog posts and
if not then at least my Mom and Dad do lol. Hopefully. Love you all
stay safe and never stop spreading the truth.

Elder Armijo
 A random Bus we found
Anti Mormon stuff
Steak Dinner night with a member
 The view from Brother Aholas back patio

-A selfie with Elder P, Alek ( Brother Aholas son) and Gramschi (Recent Convert)

Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015...."Love One Another"

Hello friends and family! Another week down and this one went fast!
(Car weeks always do lol). Me and Elder Pututau had an awesome week!
We taught many people and set a baptismal date with "C".  She will be baptized on May 9!! So I hope I'm still in Olympia for that! Transfers are in a week so this
Saturday we will find out who is being transferred! Most likely me and
 Pututau will stay another one together which I hope happens! This
transfer has been so sweet! But it has gone by so fast haha. So I saw
on the news there were some tornados in Chicago or something??? Is
Gunnar okay? Knowing him he was probably outside taking pictures with
his iPad lol. I love that kid man.  That's crazy, we just had a big
day storm here on Saturday haha Florida weather is so bipolar. But
anyways. All is well here in the FOM. Time is going by faster and
faster I wish it would slow down! Today is actually District Pday so
we are going to do something as a district! I think we are going to go
eat at Buffalo Wild Wings and then go to the outlets and come back and
play some soccer! So today should be pretty fun. This past week has
just been another week of teaching. We got some new people to teach
and also some new members moved in that are less active so we will be
visiting them this week! It's the last week of the transfer and me and
 Elder Pututau haven't been below 20 lessons each week so we are
hoping to end with a bang! We want to teach as many people as we can
and use our time wisely.
      I feel like I should talk a little about loving everyone. So I
will simply say this. If we do not love everyone and show compassion
towards those who have less or more than us, how can we claim to be
followers and disciples of Jesus Christ? Did Christ not love everyone?
I believe he did. I know he did. As members of the true church on the
earth today we are to be Christ like in all our doings, and that
includes the way we interact with others and the things we do and say
to and about others. I have seen a division among people here for
various reasons; money, color, etc. why does the color of skin matter
so much to people? Did God not create all of us? Are we not all equal?
Don't we all cry out to the same God when we need help? For those of
you who struggle with the commandment of loving everyone. I can only
refer you to the one man that can humble your heart, his name is Jesus
Christ. He didn't just die for the white people, he didn't just die
for black people, he didn't atone  only for certain peoples sins, he
died for all of us and he atoned for everyone's sins. The Atonement of
Jesus Christ and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not unique to certain
people. So if you ever have moments where you are judging someone,
whether you feel they are above or below you, just stop and remember
that Jesus Christ died for them also and you are equal. Get on your
knees and repent ask Heavenly Father to humble your heart and bless
you with the pure love of Christ. Because without that love we cannot
become the Christ like individuals we are so set on becoming. We are
all the same and we are all loved equally by our Heavenly Father and
his son Jesus Christ. I hope we all can learn to love those around us
and realize that we are here to love everyone. This is something I
have had to work on myself, not because of race but just putting
others before myself. Once you love like Christ loved, then and only
then will you walk like Christ walked. 

Love you all, Elder Armijo

Elder P and his 24 oz steak


Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015......"We Cannot Do This Alone"

Hello everyone!

Another week down! And a good one at that! I hope everyone enjoyed General Conference and received personal revelation! My favorite talk was by Elder Holland! He told the story of the older brother who saved his little brother even though he almost died himself. I was in tears through the whole talk as I thought of a few things. One; my literal big brother Queston, who has been my rock and my best friend and has helped me become the person I am today. Because of his example to serve a mission I too am here serving. I thank Heavenly Father for my big brother and the friendship and bond we have. My brother has truly saved me in ways he does not know. His example to serve saved me spiritually as I was about to fall off the cliff. I also thought about my other brother, Jesus Christ and how much love he has not just for me but for everyone. He paid the ultimate price and for who? Not for just me or just you but for all that ever were and ever will be. Because of him death can be conquered and the grave hath no sting. The pain of sin is swallowed up in Christ and we can be forgiven of the things we have done wrong. The savior could have turned back, he could have let us all fall from the cliff and save himself, but he didn't. So why do some turn from him now in this life? Why do some believe that they can do it alone? That Is something that has weighed heavily on my mind. There are people in this world that think they have to go through this life alone. Some don't know there is a Savior who calls out for them, others just don't care. We cannot do this alone. Jesus Christ died for us and atoned for our sins and he offers us his never ending love and support if we just reach out and ask!! I can only hope that I can share this with EVERYONE I see and meet here because it is truly a life changing truth. The third thing I was thinking about was my best friend Curt. Like Queston, he too has saved me in ways he does not know. He set the standard for both of us when my faith was wavering. I know now that the reason I needed to switch schools was so me and Curt could become better friends. Without him I don't know where I would have ended up in High School. Likewise, I thank my cousins Cade, Seth and Gunnar for paving the way for the rest of us. I have learned from the emails of my cousins and I am filled with joy when I picture all the lives they are blessings. Another thing I noticed about conference was it was family oriented, at least the Saturday sessions were. I love my family and I am very grateful for them and their support. Mom, Dad, Bryant Ciarra , Chandler, Kayden, Hunter and Queston and Mollee. You guys rock my socks off and I love you more than I can explain. You guys never gave up on me and I commend you for always putting up with me. I just want to end this email with my testimony that Jesus is the Christ and he lives today. Through him all may be brought back from  the edge of the cliff or even from the fall off the cliff. The Atonement is real because Jesus Christ is real. Let him and his Atonement carry us all through this mortal experience called life. I love you all so much and hope you all had a good Easter. 

Elder Armijo