Monday, June 22, 2015


Well another week down!! And what a good one it was like always haha.
So first thing is first happy Father's Day to my best friend and the
man I can only hope to become big Frank Armijo III. Love you pops and
I am so grateful for the support you have always given me no matter
what. Can't wait until we are watching movies and basketball everyday
again. And happy Father's Day to my Hitta Bryant aka Dr Phil aka
family fixer lol love you man and I thank you for treating us so well
especially my Mom. I know mixing families was tough at first but I
think we got it down thanks to you I love you both and thank you for
your examples that you set.

 So...... on to the week. It was a solid one. As always we taught 20+
lessons and we had "N's" baptismal interview and she passed. So
she will be baptized this Saturday and we are so stoked!! We've seen
the Atonement work miracles in her life and it has really helped our
testimonies grow. It's been so awesome to see her grow in this
 Gospel so fast. She hasn't decided who will baptize and confirm her
yet but we will figure that out this week she said she's praying about
it! It's weird because as I have been the companion of a District Leader,
 I have seen other missionaries struggle in their areas to find
success and since I've been here I have seen nothing but success. Now
I'm not saying they are doing anything wrong. The work is harder in
certain areas, I'm just saying I am so grateful to be in an area where
the work is moving forward at such a rapid pace and I truly believe
it's because of the wards involvement. The other missionaries their
wards aren't as involved and it really does impact the work. So I hope
that my home ward is as fired up and involved in the missionary work
as my ward here is. I know brother Luke is the ward mission leader now
right ? So the work should be moving right along. He is the perfect man
for that calling. He has such a love for the gospel and a love for
other people. It might not seem like it cuz I was such a punk kid in
his quorum but I saw how much he loved this gospel and in turn how
happy he was and it was such a great example for me and I know it was
for the other priests. So hopefully the missionaries are doing what
they need to be doing and the work is moving along in Chandler. I
expect to see a whole new ward of recent converts and reactivated
members when I return home lol. I just love his work so much. It's
hard boy it's hard but like an Elder in my ward back home once said
"It's the hardest thing I will ever love" and indeed it is. But
nothing worth the time is easy, but it's still worth it. The Lord
really does know us and really can help us through the rough patches.
No one can tell me different because he has helped be personally
these last few weeks. I love you all I hope everyone is doing well.
Stay fresh and if anyone wants to send me some shoes from my vans
collection that'd be cool I'm gonna start my shoe collection again and
be the only Elder with a sneaker collection lol.
Got some pics for you guys so just stay tuned
Elder Armijo


1. Epic picture of me and elder Kruger #wayyyyyupifeelblessed
2&3. Pics from a chill spot we found #jesus+MERICA it's what we live for
4. These are the Scott's. And this is Walter Scott. Aka the brother of
the apostle Richard G Scott. They are in our ward! We had dinner with
them this week. They are moving so we took a pic with them lol.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 15, 2015 "The triage to the soul is to turn outward"

Hey everyone!! Another week has come and gone! Sorry I am so late on
 this email.  I was busy ballin these other missionaries up😉

This past week was a good one in terms of the work we did and the miracles we saw. We have been
teaching a lady named "N"  She was a hand off from some other
elders in another area/ward and she is super solid. She had a
baptismal date for the 27th of this month and we are so excited. I
know I don't talk a lot about who we teach and stuff I guess I just
feel like who and what we teach shouldn't be put in an email every
week idk is that weird? Whatever haha but I'll tell you about "N"
She has over come a lot of addictions and right now her last one is
cigarettes and when we first met her we set the date for the 27th and
she just laughed cuz she didn't think she could stop smoking but then
a few days later after meeting with her and some really awesome
lessons she told us that she hasn't bought any new cigarettes and that
she isn't going to buy anymore either. And man when we heard that it
just pumped us up haha we had so much faith that she would stop
smoking. We knew it was a risk cuz she had to stop before the 20th in
order to be baptized on the 27th but I truly feel that since we had so
much faith in her that it helped her see the faith the lord has in her
also. So we have met with her every day and she has come to church the
last 3 Sundays. Me and elder P have been blessed with many miracles
while we've been together and this is just another one to add to it.

It's weird because sometimes I get into these moods where I start
worrying about things wether it's back home or just the future and its
upsets me. But the weird part is I never stop working and I never have
those days where I don't feel like doing anything. I've found that the
best cure for sadness or depression or etc is service to your fellow
man and the Lord. Normally I would just stay home and play x box or
sleep when I was upset but now that those aren't options I'm sort of
forced to go out work. Not that I do it because I have to because we
all have agency. Me and elder P could probably sleep all day and no
one would know. But I wouldn't feel better about my situation, in fact
I would feel 100x worse. There's a new Mormon message and I'm sure you
have all seen it, it's called LIFT. And in the video there is a guy
that says " the triage to the soul is to turn outward" and I have
truly found that out for myself. When I serve others wether it's
physically or spiritually I feel as though a piece of my soul is
healed. Like many, my soul has a lot of fixing and healing that
needs to be done and that can't happen unless I, unless "we" all serve
those around us. Mosiah 2:17 says "And behold, I tell you these things
that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the
service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God."
So let's simplify this verse. I tell you this because it's true and
you need to know it, when you serve others you serve God. And all of
us want to serve God so therefore we must serve his children. Trials
are going to come, hard times will come but I promise you as long as
we out others before us our problems will not matter. I have seen it
in my service as a Missionary and I have seen it in others around me.
I love you all and I hope my emails are being read and that they help
someone out. Have a good week and I will speak to you all next week!!


Please watch:

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 8, 2015...." I don't want to look back and say I regret ANYTHING"

Well another week another dollar. Jk we don't get paid lol. But
another week down. It was a good first week to the transfer. Miracles
keep coming. I have some good pics for you guys this week lol. But
anyways I hope everyone had a good week. This week as I reflected on
the past 6 months I have been out, I can honestly say I have no
regrets. By that I mean I feel like I have worked my hardest and done
the best I could without giving up. I accounted with the lord and I
asked him to please let the rest of my mission be this successful and
help me stay as obedient so that when I return home and do one final
account for my mission, I can say that I am totally exhausted because
of how diligent and obedient I was in my missionary work. This week I
realized for the first time that 2 years is so short. It goes by slow
sometimes but for the most part it goes by so quick. I remember on my
first week I thought my 6 month mark would never come. And guess what,
it came,,,and it went lol. I also realized that there's going to be a
time when I take this tag off and I don't put it back on. And when
that happens I don't want to look back and say that I regret anything
or I wish I would have done this. Some people think missionaries are
perfect. Well to be honest we aren't. Satan tempts us just as much if
not more than everyone else. It's like temptations that wouldn't even
phase me back home are stronger than ever as a missionary. Satan knows
what we are doing here he knows what this work means. It means he's
losing and he will do anything to win. But along with temptation
being stronger as a missionary, our reason and strength to say no is
even stronger. We are called of God to declare his word to his people
therefore we are protected by his angels and we are given strength and
courage to withstand temptations and stand tall when Satan tries to
knock us down. I can't explain what my mission has done for me or the
way it has humble me in these short 6 months. Nor do I think anyone
would understand if I did explain it. But what I can recommend is that
if you can and if you are worthy, to get out on a
mission! There is nowhere else in this world that you need to be other
than serving the Lord. School can wait, sports can wait,
girls......let's be real they never wait anyways so what's the point?
There is nothing more important than showing the Lord that you are
thankful for everything he has done for you thus far and will do in
the future. I used to always here people say how the lord blessed you
after your mission. To be honest that might be true but I feel like
the Lord is blessing me by letting me even be on a mission. The
opportunity to do what we do is a blessing In its self. Anything else
after the mission is just extra. So go on a mission. It's the best
decision I've ever made. Love you all. And here are some pics from
this past week.
Love Elder Armijo

1: rain drops and sunset
2: epic pic of me studying a survival guide at a members home lol.
3: and last but not least I held a members pet guinea pig lol
4: same thing lol

Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015..........."Never lose focus, never lose sight" Elder L. Tom Perry

Hello my friends and family!!!!
Such a great week here in the FOM I hope everyone had a great one as well! So first things first transfers......after a long week of anxiously waiting to see which of us would leave we got the news Saturday night......THAT WERE BOTH STAYING!!!! We are super stoked we did not see this coming but I guess
the Lord still has more in store for me and Elder P! Actually I know this because this past week we saw soooooooooooo many awesome miracles it was so crazy. We met so many new people and started teaching a lot as well. I was really sad that one of us might be leaving after all this awesome stuff has happened but don't worry we will be together
for another transfer! I can't explain how relieved and excited we are hahaha. Me and elder P have become  really good friends, reminds me of sage and queston hahahaha. But anyway, that's the news about transfers. Olympia for another 6 weeks! Which by the way is the best area to be in because of the 2 temples in Florida. One of them is in my area! Our church building is the stake center right across from the Orlando temple 😌. So it's safe to say that besides the FOM being the best mission Olympia East is the best area! and well we went to see a part member family who moved in to our ward and the lady is a member and is less active but her husband isn't a member and she wants to come back to church and he is so awesome we taught him and he said he's been around the church his whole life but never joined and now he's ready! so it was awesome. We will be teaching and baptizing him this transfer. And "C" had surgery so we will be seeing her this Wednesday and she still awesome and loves the truth but she is just recovering like so hopefully we can baptize her this transfer. And we have just found a lot of other people to teach now !
So that's the good news! The bad news which we received Saturday as well is Elder Perry had passed away. You all probably knew that before us but we found out Saturday night as well and it was upsetting. But not a bad upsetting. Just upsetting because we won't be able to hear from him in conference again. We all know where he is and oh how prepared his mansions were for him. Such an awesome thing to know that an apostle of the Lord has returned to his Fathers presence once again. He will be missed dearly he was a Boss. In a talk he gave in the October 2014 conference he opened with this statement. "Our journey through life has periods of both good times and bad. Each presents different challenges. How we learn to adjust to the changes which come along depends on the foundation on which we build. The Gospel of our Lord and Savior provides a sure and solid foundation. It is constructed piece by piece as we gain knowledge of the Lord’s eternal plan for His children. The Savior is the Master Teacher. We follow Him." ........
Oh how true this is. I cannot say anything more than to agree with this statement simply because it is a perfect statement. I hope that as we all go through this journey we can either continue to keep the solid foundation or start to build one if we haven't already. We cannot do this alone, nor are we even meant to. Never lose focus, never lose sight. Jesus Christ will always be there, on your left and on your right. We all heard about the sister missionary who died in Atlanta.  This is so sad and affects all of us here in the field when we hear this has happened to one of our own.  I have thought about it though..... I'm not afraid of death anymore I'm kind of excited for when we are all with our Father in Heaven again, this world is in so much turmoil. Don't worry Mom, I am being safe.  Nothing else is new. Wednesday I get to burn a tie for my six month mark!  Elder Olsen and Elder Vaughn are leaving.  They have been here as long as I've been in the mission so sad to see them go.
 I love you all so very much and thank you for your support and for always loving me. This transfer will be filled with miracles and baptisms I can promise you that! 

Somehow we ended up with the same shirt!  Sis Woolley who goes home in August.
The District!!!  Some are leaving so it will change.
I finally found Sonic in my Zone and a member took us there!  Finally!
My Route 44 Selfie
This is how Florida Looks!  Green!