Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 8, 2015...." I don't want to look back and say I regret ANYTHING"

Well another week another dollar. Jk we don't get paid lol. But
another week down. It was a good first week to the transfer. Miracles
keep coming. I have some good pics for you guys this week lol. But
anyways I hope everyone had a good week. This week as I reflected on
the past 6 months I have been out, I can honestly say I have no
regrets. By that I mean I feel like I have worked my hardest and done
the best I could without giving up. I accounted with the lord and I
asked him to please let the rest of my mission be this successful and
help me stay as obedient so that when I return home and do one final
account for my mission, I can say that I am totally exhausted because
of how diligent and obedient I was in my missionary work. This week I
realized for the first time that 2 years is so short. It goes by slow
sometimes but for the most part it goes by so quick. I remember on my
first week I thought my 6 month mark would never come. And guess what,
it came,,,and it went lol. I also realized that there's going to be a
time when I take this tag off and I don't put it back on. And when
that happens I don't want to look back and say that I regret anything
or I wish I would have done this. Some people think missionaries are
perfect. Well to be honest we aren't. Satan tempts us just as much if
not more than everyone else. It's like temptations that wouldn't even
phase me back home are stronger than ever as a missionary. Satan knows
what we are doing here he knows what this work means. It means he's
losing and he will do anything to win. But along with temptation
being stronger as a missionary, our reason and strength to say no is
even stronger. We are called of God to declare his word to his people
therefore we are protected by his angels and we are given strength and
courage to withstand temptations and stand tall when Satan tries to
knock us down. I can't explain what my mission has done for me or the
way it has humble me in these short 6 months. Nor do I think anyone
would understand if I did explain it. But what I can recommend is that
if you can and if you are worthy, to get out on a
mission! There is nowhere else in this world that you need to be other
than serving the Lord. School can wait, sports can wait,
girls......let's be real they never wait anyways so what's the point?
There is nothing more important than showing the Lord that you are
thankful for everything he has done for you thus far and will do in
the future. I used to always here people say how the lord blessed you
after your mission. To be honest that might be true but I feel like
the Lord is blessing me by letting me even be on a mission. The
opportunity to do what we do is a blessing In its self. Anything else
after the mission is just extra. So go on a mission. It's the best
decision I've ever made. Love you all. And here are some pics from
this past week.
Love Elder Armijo

1: rain drops and sunset
2: epic pic of me studying a survival guide at a members home lol.
3: and last but not least I held a members pet guinea pig lol
4: same thing lol

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