Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 24, 2015...."If My Whole Mission I Never Baptize One Person, It Wont Matter"

Hey friends and FAM! Holy! Man another week has gone by. Let me just put
things in perspective for you guys. Next week will be my 3 month
mark.....Has it felt like 3 months? For me it's felt like 3 weeks
hahaha and I'm not just saying that lol. That means Curt has been out
what like 7 or 8 months now? And Gunnar has been out like almost a
year huh? (If I'm wrong correct me lol) and Seth has been out like 6
or 7 months? Idk I can't remember when everyone left hahaha. But this
past week has been super good and this week we are in now is gonna be
so busy! Yesterday we had a mission conference and Elder Zswick of the
70 came and spoke to us about being obedient with our iPads and also
the guy who is in charge of all he Missionaries in the world so like
he's head of the missionary department he spoke as well his name is
 Mike Hemingway . Elder Zswick is the one that spoke at the MTC while I
was there as well so it was cool to listen to him again. So in a few
weeks we will be getting brand new iPads with more storage and faster
processors or something and giving these old ones back and at the end
of the mission I can take the new one home with me. So mom I'm not
sure all the details so I'd call the mission and ask but they did say
we are going to have to purchase the new iPads or something idk. But
yeah he spoke to us on obedience and how awesome iPads are and how
much trust we have been given by the Quorum of the 12 and the First
 Presidency by letting us be a test mission for them. He also
warned us of the dangers of these things. It was a good mission
conference. (Wasn't my first one momma remember we had a christmas one
right when I got here lol). Anyway,  this is already super long so
I will end it by telling you a miracle that happened to me and elder
Yates this past Sunday night.............
 We were biking home from our last
appointment it was like 8:50 and we were coming up to our apartment
complex and as we crossed the street to turn in, a guy in his car
yelled at us and so we pulled off to the curb and then he flipped a U
and then pulled up in front of us.  So we went to his car and he
started asking us all these questions like,  what we do and why and if
there is a God and what we believe.  He told us he has been going
through a rough time and he needs some enlightenment and he feels like
he's been missing something in his life. So we counseled him and
taught him and then we said a prayer with him. He got out of his car
and we stood on the side of the road hand in hand with each other and
said a prayer. Afterwards he opened his eyes and he was crying and he
said "Guys to be honest I was on my way to commit suicide ( I could
smell the alcohol on his breath) and then I saw you two......and I
don't know how many people you have talked to today but if I'm the
only one.... If  I'm the only one you have talked to I want you both to
know your day was worth it because I'm not going to kill myself
anymore". His name is "E" for privacy and he just moved into our apartment
complex a few doors down actually. We got his number and his apt # and
now we are going to see him tomorrow.....If my whole mission I never
baptize one person or I never become DL ZL AP it won't matter. Sunday
night my mission was made clear to me when we met "E".  The lord puts
us in the path of those who are in need and the lord puts people in our
path when we are in need. I'm not sure what will come of "E", if he
will follow through or if we just helped him get through a Tough time
in his life...whatever the case may be the Lord knows us all and knows
what we need. For "E" it was a sense of direction and someone to
tell him that God is still there and he loves him.....for me it was
 "E" to make clear to me why I am here because that same morning I
had prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help me have the confidence
and the courage to be the best Missionary I can be and also to make
known unto me the reason I'm here. I know now. I love you all and I
hope you all know at we all have a purpose and God knows us all. -
Elder Armijo
 Mission Conference 2/23/2015
30 degrees in Orlando....Keeping it warm on Bikes

Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015........"Service and Love Brings Happiness to Those Around Us"

Hey friends and fam! Another week down. Man they are going by faster.
Actually I think when we have the car they go by faster lol when we
bike it just drags on but hey work work work nah mean? So I've come to
love my new area already. The ward is so awesome and they are so
involved in everything. Especially the ward mission leader he's a
boss. Two of his companions on his mission were from chandler hahaha!
Elder Yates will most likely be transferred out next transfer and I'll
take lead of the area cuz he's been here about 6 months lol and he's
due to leave. But this past week was the most successful of the
transfer. We had a lot of people to teach and everyone was home haha!
We are teaching two new people that pretty much just came to us and
it's amazing hahaha we have been praying to find new people to teach
and boom. That's one thing I've learned out here. (Sad that I'm just
learning it but oh well) if you want something or if you need help,
ask Heavenly Father and do the things you're supposed to and he will
bless you. He promises he will, I promise he will. Heavenly Father
loves us and wants to help us we just need to have faith that he will
and can. I love being here, it's hard, but I love it. I used to
only think about myself but I realize now there isn't time for that.
Wether I'm on a mission or not. We need to do everything we can to
serve and love others. My challenge to you all is to pray and ask
Heavenly Father to bless you with opportunities to serve someone.
Mosiah 2:17 " and behold, I tell you these things that he may learn
wisdom; that he may learn that when ye are in the service of your
fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God" ... Service and
love brings happiness to those around us and also ourselves. I love
you all and I hope you all have a good week.
Elder Armijo

 PS we have mission conference next Monday so Pday will be Tuesday instead of Monday!

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015............"If AMMON Can Do it, Anyone Can"!

Holy another week gone by. What's up everyone! So first off Elder P went home on Friday :( he sent me an email and said he doesn't like being home and he doesn't know what's gonna happen with his back. He's not sure if he'll be able to come back out. So keep him in your prayers please! But yeah. So another week and we didn't have much success. We found one new investigator and tried to visit so many people but they either say they are home and aren't really or they gave us a fake address haha. But the key is to keep working and not give up. Once you start to doubt satan starts working on that doubt and it turns into a lot more than that! I just wanna give a quick shout out to my friends and cousins that were such good examples to me over the last few years. Too many too name but they know who they are. And of course my big brother Queston. So many things I can say about you bro but I wouldn't have enough time to type it all. Just know I love you with all my heart bro. This week I'm just filled with gratitude for everyone that supports me and is there for me. Of course Mom ,Dad,Bryant the boys Ciarra you guys are awesome! Mom I got your package and holy cow that's a lot of stuff thank you hahaha and for the little pictures and notes you send to I hang them all up on my wall! I also spoke in church in my new Ward this Sunday. My topic was the talk by President Monson called "He is Risen". It talks about the resurrection and life after death. And although I didn't talk about it because I didn't want to cry for my first talk haha, I couldn't help but think of Uncle Todd. The picture you sent me mom of Todd is hanging up on my wall in front of my desk so I see him everyday. In my talk I told the story of what the lady said at the Ogden temple when me Q and Mollee were there about the guy that died and went to heaven and then came back. I  used some scriptures to back up President Monson's quotes and the scriptures that I found are some of the best I've come across. They are in Mosiah 16: 7-9. I won't type them out but I know that because Christ died for us we may all live again. We will see those who have gone before us. Death is merely the beginning of our lives. We are just spirits having a mortal experience. That's all this is, this life is just a mortal experience. How awesome it is to have the knowledge we have and take comfort in knowing this. We WILL see Todd again there is no doubt in my mind. This is long so I'll end by saying. Everyone back home and whoever reads this. Help the missionaries out in your Ward. Give them referrals help them get rides sign up to feed them. Be just as good of missionaries as they are. Invite people to church invite them to dinner with the Missionaries. When a ward is involved in the missionary work then the work progresses a lot more. I have been taken care of so good out here and I just hope that you guys are doing the same for the Missionaries in Chandler or Utah or Queen Creek or wherever you are. Everyone is to be a Missionary. Love you all.   Elder Armijo                 Stay Gucci. #swag #1hunnit #yeet 
PS. All my cousins and Step Brothers thinking about a mission. I can say one thing and one thing only. If Ammon can do it ANYONE can do it. Trust in the lord and he will guide you where you need to be. Love you guys. 


Monday, February 2, 2015

February 1, 2015 "The Book is Blue, The Church is True and Jesus Loves YOU!"

What to write what to write......well I guess I'll start off by saying that I was right about my new companion! It's elder Yates he's the district leader so I'm still in the same district haha my new area is like a few miles away from my old one lol. But yeah elder Yates is dope as well. He's the DL so he's a little more strict on some stuff but it's all good that's good for me lol. But yeah he's from Detroit and he looks like Justin timberlake hahahaha and I look like Clark Kent so we make a boss team. Unfortunately Elder P will be going home here in the next week or so. His back has gotten worse and they finally did an MRI but I'm not sure the results but yeah he'll be going home which stinks. I feel really sorry for him cuz he's such a good missionary and a good trainer but it kinda motivates me more to work hard for him and use the things he has taught me . But this week was just awkward kinda cuz of transfers and stuff and now that I'm companions with the district leader I go on exchanges a lot which is cool I guess. I also made a title for myself. I am the ATTDL or assistant to the district leader hahahaha I'm such a boss lol. But yeah new area new people and I'm excited to see what the work has for me and elder Yates. It's going to be a good transfer and I'm pretty pumped! The Ward is awesome as well haven't met everyone yet but they all seem chill. companion.  Well if there's one thing I can say is the book is blue, the church is true, and Jesus loves YOU! I'll have more experiences in the week to come but love you all stay safe and stay swaggy. Oh and can you believe it's been 2 months already? #killinit #D1bound 

Sincerely Elder Armijo aka the ATTDL 
Saying goodbye to Rafael.  Sad, Sad night.