Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016......."She's come a long way and it's been great to be a part of it"

Well Friends and fam another week down here in Kissimmee and the
transfer has come to an end and another has begun. First off happy
Easter!!! I hope you all went to church and had a good day with the
families. We had all of our investigators except 4 there at church so
it was sweet!!! Transfers are here and Elder Hansen will be leaving
and I will be staying and my new comp will be elder Hawkins. Not sure
too much about him just his name and that he's pretty young in the
mission. It's been a good two transfers with elder Hansen I've learned
a lot for sure and had some great times as well. Also my good friend
elder Noah King will be getting transferred after just one transfer
here. It's a sad day to see him go so soon and to a place called Lecanto
He says he's being " banished " lolol. He's a good kid and we
will for sure party after the mish. On another note "B" had her
baptismal interview this week and she passed so she will be baptized
on April 7!! I'm pumped!! She's come a long way and it's been great to
be apart of it . I'm gonna keep it short this week since it was week 7
haha not much happened but i love you all have a great week!!

Here are some pics
First one is district meeting!
Then me and a dog named Clancy she likes to cuddle
She tried to smooch but I swerved her
Then Easter at bishops!!!
And my Easter floral tie

 Me and Celo!
 District meeting
 Clancy and Me
 Clancy and Me
 Easter Dinner at the Bishops home
My Easter Tie

Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016...."We Had Some Good Miracles This Week"

Well friends and family another week here in Kissimmee. It's been a
long and hectic week to say the least. One of our good friends went
home this week. He was one of the best missionaries in this
mission and his testimony of the Book of Mormon was like no other. He
changed the lives of many he served around and with and will not be
forgotten. So it was rough.  " you can't keep a good man down ".

 We had some good miracles this week. We got to see our part 
member family that we are working with who have 3 unbaptized kids 
and the parents are less active but want to return. 
They all came to church on Sunday which was awesome! 
My heart filled with joy as I watched them enter the chapel
They said they will be coming for sure next week on Easter
Sunday so we are pumped and hopefully we will be able to set a
baptismal date for the kids. We also went on exchanges with the APs on
Saturday. Elder Hansen stayed with elder Ashworth and I went to their
area with Elder Johnson. Elder Johnson and I have had a few
disagreements in the past you could say so this was a good chance to
talk it out and understand one another. 

 We also got to go to the temple this week on Friday!! It was
super dope! I learn so much every time I go to the temple. I got to
see some of the old homies like Elder Pututau and Elder Wilson and
Elder Oxborrow . Of course elder King and Elder Fontes were there. I
love you all and sorry this email sorta stinks just wasn't that good
of week. I have some pics tho.

Elder Armijo

Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016......"Hey we biked all the way here, could we share a short message with you?"

Hello Family and Friends,

We friends and fam another week down here in ki$$immee. We do nothing
but go hard here. Straight savage missionaries nothing less. We had
the car this week so we got to go out to Celebration where all the
nice and rich areas are. I'll live there one day probs not though
Florida weather is not the biz. But last Monday we went to Wild
Florida which is like a mini zoo that some members own so we get in
free which is chill. I finally saw a gator for the first time in 15
months hahaha and I got to hold one so my mission is complete I'll be
home on Wednesday lol jkjk. I have some pics . Then we just went hard
in the paint and visited as many less active member as we could this
week. We got a sweet referral from a LA member. Her friend needed some
service done and so we went over there and she was like oh sorry guys
I forgot to call you I can't find my tree trimmers come back next week
then I was like heck no we just biked all the way here ( we let the
sisters use the car for the morning ) so I was
like well hey we biked all the way here you think we could share a
short message with you? And she was like oh of course and I was like
yeeeee so we shared the old Easter video from last year to kinda set
the foundation for when we come back next week. She loved it and has
some interesting beliefs but those are small problems. Then we helped
some members move in because the ward was slacking and no one showed
up so we had to go help and we did it in 45 min. The biggest u haul
full of straight furniture and boxes and we killed it. My arms are
huge now. But yeah it was a good week sorta normal I guess! I love you
all here's a pic of me and the gator.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 7, 2016....I've loved my mission so much!

Well friends and fam this week was my 15 month mark! Not that big of
deal lol. But time does fly so make sure you take advantage of the
time you have now. I've loved my mission so much and I'm grateful for
the missionaries I've met and for the people I've met and taught and

This past week was super busy!! First off we got a call from sister
Hansen who is D and M's main fellow-shipper her and her
husband that is and she tells us she talked to  B ( their mom )
about being baptized and sister Hansen told her she could get baptized
on April 6th if she wanted ( Jesus's birthday ) and B got super
excited and went from wanting to wait 3 more years to be baptized to
wanting to be baptized in a month! We met with B the next day and
she confirmed it and said she has been praying and fasting about it
and she is excited then the whole family came to church yesterday!!
Shoutout to members doing exactly what they need to be doing its sick
to see the members involved with the people we are teaching. B
has some things to overcome before she can be baptized but we ain't
got no worries! Then Tuesday was zone conference and it started at 7am
and went until about 4pm so it was a done deal after that I was so
tired. But zone conference was cool. There were some good training
but just the typical numbers this numbers that then president talked
about repentance as missionaries it was good. I have some pics from
ZC. Then the rest of the week we just went hard in the paint not
really but sorta cuz I'm not about that biking life lol so we saw as
many people as we could with members before we hopped on the stallions
and biked. I hate biking. I've had the " missionary experience "
already give me a car LOL. Jk it builds my leg muscles so I can dunk
on kids on Mondays. But yeah shoutout to the boys serving in those
other countries especially big chan in Africa, God bless you my
brother lol. And shout out to Elder King, realest man I've ever met.
got some pics of us with P Bear at ZC. Let's see idk what else to
write!! Love you all see you in 9 months! Oh wait also this week we
helped a member load up his storage unit and come to find out he is
Sister Braddocks brother!! Small world we live in! I got some pics
with him he's super fresh haha such a good guy.

I'll be sending pics throughout the day we are going to wild Florida
today so I finally get to hold a gator!! Turn up