Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016......"Hey we biked all the way here, could we share a short message with you?"

Hello Family and Friends,

We friends and fam another week down here in ki$$immee. We do nothing
but go hard here. Straight savage missionaries nothing less. We had
the car this week so we got to go out to Celebration where all the
nice and rich areas are. I'll live there one day probs not though
Florida weather is not the biz. But last Monday we went to Wild
Florida which is like a mini zoo that some members own so we get in
free which is chill. I finally saw a gator for the first time in 15
months hahaha and I got to hold one so my mission is complete I'll be
home on Wednesday lol jkjk. I have some pics . Then we just went hard
in the paint and visited as many less active member as we could this
week. We got a sweet referral from a LA member. Her friend needed some
service done and so we went over there and she was like oh sorry guys
I forgot to call you I can't find my tree trimmers come back next week
then I was like heck no we just biked all the way here ( we let the
sisters use the car for the morning ) so I was
like well hey we biked all the way here you think we could share a
short message with you? And she was like oh of course and I was like
yeeeee so we shared the old Easter video from last year to kinda set
the foundation for when we come back next week. She loved it and has
some interesting beliefs but those are small problems. Then we helped
some members move in because the ward was slacking and no one showed
up so we had to go help and we did it in 45 min. The biggest u haul
full of straight furniture and boxes and we killed it. My arms are
huge now. But yeah it was a good week sorta normal I guess! I love you
all here's a pic of me and the gator.

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