Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016......."She's come a long way and it's been great to be a part of it"

Well Friends and fam another week down here in Kissimmee and the
transfer has come to an end and another has begun. First off happy
Easter!!! I hope you all went to church and had a good day with the
families. We had all of our investigators except 4 there at church so
it was sweet!!! Transfers are here and Elder Hansen will be leaving
and I will be staying and my new comp will be elder Hawkins. Not sure
too much about him just his name and that he's pretty young in the
mission. It's been a good two transfers with elder Hansen I've learned
a lot for sure and had some great times as well. Also my good friend
elder Noah King will be getting transferred after just one transfer
here. It's a sad day to see him go so soon and to a place called Lecanto
He says he's being " banished " lolol. He's a good kid and we
will for sure party after the mish. On another note "B" had her
baptismal interview this week and she passed so she will be baptized
on April 7!! I'm pumped!! She's come a long way and it's been great to
be apart of it . I'm gonna keep it short this week since it was week 7
haha not much happened but i love you all have a great week!!

Here are some pics
First one is district meeting!
Then me and a dog named Clancy she likes to cuddle
She tried to smooch but I swerved her
Then Easter at bishops!!!
And my Easter floral tie

 Me and Celo!
 District meeting
 Clancy and Me
 Clancy and Me
 Easter Dinner at the Bishops home
My Easter Tie

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