Thursday, April 7, 2016

April 4, 2016....."My life has changed because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ"

Well friends and family another week has come and gone here in
Kissimmee. Week one of the transfer is over. We had a pretty good week
not as good as most but it was still good. We found out Bonnie's
baptism will have to be postponed for now do to some legal issues but
she could still possibly get baptized in the future so please keep her
in your prayers! She has come so far and has completely turned her
life around. It's been an honor work with her and her kids whom I've
come to love so much. My new comp elder Hawkins is such a good guy.
He's from Orem, Utah and I've never met a more pure hearted son of God
in my life goodness he's such a saint. He's super humble and sorta
quiet but when your comps with me quiet is the opposite of how we are
haha. I'm grateful to be serving with him, he has been out for 6
months now and he was born ( his first area ) in Ocoee which was my
first area as well. So he updated me on the ward and area so that was
cool. I loved general conference this past weekend. Man! every time
I listen to the talk literally everyone I can find something that
applies to me as an individual and as a missionary. Conference on the
mission is different than conference at home. Idk why but it just is.
But I will admit this conference I was panicking when my boy elder
Holland didn't speak but no worries I was relieved when he was
announced as the concluding speaker for the last session. And of
course his talk was amazing. I know we aren't supposed to have
favorites but if we did he would be mine. I loved how much temples
were spoken of this conference and the family. It was sad to see the
prophet of God in such a weak physical state but his short messages he
shared were powerful and although brief the spirit testified to me
that he is a true prophet of God. No matter how many rail and slander
him or the church I cannot deny the witness that I have received from
the Holy Ghost and serving my mission. I know God lives, and I know he
loves us. As stated in general conference we are all sons and
daughters of a father in heaven who loves us and helps us and never
leaves us alone. He did send his son Jesus Christ to atone for the
sins and pains of all that ever were and ever will be. And in Jesus
Christ we can find new life. My life has been changed because of the
atonement of Jesus Christ. I love you all so much and I hope you can
as Elder Holland said feel like you do today tomorrow, because God is
always with us. Let us not be distracted by worldly pursuits or
material objects but focused only on our eternal goals. Shout out to
all my good friends who will return home in the coming months. I love
you all and pray for you daily to have success and to finish your
missions strong.

Elder Armijo

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