Friday, April 29, 2016

April 25, 2016.....Ether 12:27 "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness"

Hey friends and fam another week down here in Kissimmee. It was a
pretty good week. We didn't get to see "B" all week until Sunday
because she had to do community service everyday which stunk but oh well.
We focused a lot on finding and man did it stink haha. Either no one
was home or the ones that were home didn't speak any English. And I
only know so much Spanish haha.  Anyway, yeah so everyday
we went around trying to find people we went through our former
investigators and potential investigators and less active and part
member families but no luck. We did teach a guy named Jackie who is
super in love with the Bible and wouldn't even let us talk hahaha kept
preaching to us and trying to bash. At one point he told us to read
the Bible and to put the Book of Mormon down and Elder Hawkins says
with a firm voice. " NO, you do not tell us to put down the Book of
Mormon " then we continued on about the Bible and things like that.
We're going back this week to read the Bible with him because honestly I'm
not as rehearsed in it as I should be and neither is Elder Hawkins.
But we bore our testimonies firmly. And also we got to see Ernie for
the first time since his baptism fell through in February. He had just
gotten out of the hospital after his surgery. He's in pretty bad shape
but still moving and he actually answered and let us come in and we
talked to him for a few and shared Ether 12:27. I swear that scripture
applies to everything anyone is going through. He said we could start
coming back once a week and seeing how he is and stuff so we will take
it slow with him. But other than that it was a pretty normal week, we
saw our usual less active and recent converts. The ward is really
starting to get a hang of missionary work and there are a lot of tools
being implemented to help the work progress. It's just getting it
going that is the hard part, kinda like waking up at 6:30 and working
out. Waking up sucks, but once you get up and are exercising ( we play
ball ) afterwards you aren't tired and you feel like you can just stay
awake an eternity then you come home at the end of the day and boom
crashed at your desk chair because you're so spent. But that's just me idk
about anyone else. I'm not a perfect missionary lol. Anyways shout out
to my cousin Gunnar who got home this last week. Really weird seeing
the video of him coming home I got trunky not gonna lie 7 months lol. I
remember going to his last minute farewell seems like it was only 2
years ago hahaha, I love you all hope everything is going good . I
also heard that Prince died? Shout out to him for When Doves Cry that's
a good jam so is Purple Rain. Also I had a dream last night where
elder Hawkins and I were biking and there was a guy in front of us and
he had a gun in his pants and he stopped turned around and pointed it
right at me and pulled the trigger but it jammed so he cleared that
round and then pointed at Elder Hawkins and it jammed again then I hit
him with my bike lock and we took off. Hopefully that doesn't  happen to us
but would make for a good story. Love ya have a good week.
Elder Armijo

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