Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April 18, 2016....Sometimes things don't always work out but there's always a lesson in everything we do"

Hello friends and fam its ya boy Elder armijo coming to you live from
Kissimmee FL the great city where all things good happen. 
This week went by fast. The weeks are going by fast now it's scaring me that in two
weeks I hit 17 months but who the heck is counting right? Lol. This
week was pretty good. We did a lot of biking of course. Just so you
all know when I came to this area I weighed 220-224 depending on the
time of day. Now I weigh 210 flat. Not sure if I've lost the remaining
of all my muscles or if I'm actually losing weight but it feels good.
And also you will all be super surprised to hear that I have been
eating salads like crazy. And I make them myself and they are so good.
Shout out to Paradise and Panera I now know why I made salads for 2
years while working there. But anyways we had interviews with
president Berry this past week. Those are always interesting but this
one was actually good. I feel like we had a good conversation and were
able to understand each other. He complimented me on my attitude
change over the last few months and then we talked about the area for
the rest of the time. That was probably my last interview with good ol
P Bear. He leaves in June and we get a new mission president,
president Clark. And I've heard from my connects in the underground
that he's a ginger 🔥. But it's all good. We were able to see quite a
few people. Still trying to find new people though. That's the struggle
here. We have soooooo many less actives and recent converts so our
LARC lessons are off the chain. But when it comes to investigators
lessons we average about 7 member presents a week which is in no way
bad but they are with the same people. We want to find more people and
we have been trying so hard I just don't know why we can't. Like on
Sunday we had a media referral tell us earlier in the week to come by
and drop off the bible on Sunday at 1. So after church we get home eat
lunch change and we give him a call and twice he doesn't answer so I'm
like okay elder Hawkins what ya think should bike all the way over
there or nah and he was like its up to you man and in my head I was
like well if it was up to me we would take a nap so I'll leave it up
to God so I closed my eyes said a simple prayer and asked god if we
should go over there even though we hadn't got in contact with him. As
soon as I opened my eyes I had my answer and it was of course yes, so
we go and bike there and I bet your all thinking it was some huge
miracle well it wasn't haha he wasn't home and there wasn't even
anyone on the way that we could have talked to nor was there anyone
outside by his house. So disappointed and sore we bike back and on the
way back the wind was blowing super hard and I was getting super
frustrated. Satan was legit trynna scrap with me that day then I
realized that the negative thoughts and feelings I was having weren't
from God but from Satan. So I popped my bike in high gear and put a
smile on and in my head I was like yo Satan hop off okay I'm trynna
preach the gospel and I can't do that if your dragging me down. And
the rest of the day I was in a good mood and we got to see some less
actives that we hadn't seen in a while. So moral of the story is
sometimes things don't always work out but there's always a lesson in
everything we do and how we react to things that don't go our way
shape who we are as individuals. I needed to stop having a bad
attitude about everything that went wrong and just accept it and be
happy and that's what I was taught. Pretty lame to you probably but
pretty significant to me.

 Also we had our ward party and it was a
chili cook off and so we turned up super hard core with chili and
salad and water and some get to know you bingo. The best part was
Bonnie and the kids came and Bonnie had made some chili. Bless her
heart. For those who don't know she and her kids come from very humble
circumstances so when she brought chili it just showed me how humble
she was and willing to give. Long story short Bonnie won the dang
chili cook off she got 20 votes for her chili more than anyone. Now I
didn't try it nor did I try any of the chili because I don't like chili
but it was heart warming to see her excitement as if she had never won
anything in her life before. I love this family and she has asked that
in 3 years when she is able to be baptized that I come back and
baptize her. I love my mission and the experiences I've had and the
people I've met. I hope you all have a great week. And mom feed the
missionaries because we don't get fed to well here so maybe some good
karma will come our way lol. And pray for all the people of Ecuador
after that huge earthquake. Shout out to sister Kendra Wise I hope you
and your comp are safe we will be praying for you!

Got some pics! Us and the Spanish elders took a trip to downtown
Kissimmee and went and saw the state monument they have there and the
lighthouse they have on the lake. Closest I've ever been to having a
lighthouse on my mission Lolz.  Also, a pic of my arm (basketball accident)

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