Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 11, 2016...."I finished the Book of Mormon again and it was awesome this time around"

Well friends and family another week down here in Kissimmee has come
and gone. We had the car this week so we were able to teach a lot of
people. It was a good week. We had ZTM which was ok but it
was fun to see other missionaries. The highlight of the week was
"B" had her interview with President Humphries who is in the
mission presidency and it went super well!! He said he and president
berry were meeting this Sunday to talk it over and that most likely
President Berry would be sending a letter to the first presidency
asking for approval for us to baptize her!! We are praying super hard
that they say yes! If not then that's the will of the lord. She has
changed so much I don't see why she wouldn't be able to but we will
 I finished the Book of Mormon this week again and it was awesome
this time around I learned a lot more from the book of Ether than I
had the first 2 times. And so this week I'm starting again but this
time I'm going to read a chapter a day. There are 239 chapters in the
Book of Mormon. On Tuesday April 12 I have 239 days left on my
mission. So I'm gonna read a chapter a day and finish on the day I
return home. I'm not trunky I promise I just thought about this a few
months ago when I counted the chapters in the Book of Mormon . And
of course I'll be reading the scriptures more than that every day but
I will at least read one chap from the BOM everyday. But yeah this
week is bike week so we will be biking a lot and sweating a lot so
hopefully i will lose some weight. But besides that just the same stuff 
going on here just trying to find more people to teach like always. 
I love being a missionary. Even though there are some things 
that are disappointing on this mission, I am grateful to
be serving here. Elder Hawkins is the man and I'm glad to be with him.
I might send pics idk though I got a bad haircut so I'm hesitant to
send pics lol love you all.

Elder Armijo

1.  Me and Elder Hawkins
2.  Eleanor from the Olympia ward drove down to take us to breakfast!  She's so awesome!

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