Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 9, 2016....."I realize that change is always going to happen whether i'ts on a mission or in life"

Well friends and family as the transfer comes to end so does my reign
here in Kissimmee. I can't believe it's come already. I feel as though
I just got here. I love this ward and I love the people here so much
it's going to be really hard to leave but I know the lord needs me
elsewhere now. I will be going to cocoa beach in the cocoa beach ward
I believe. My new companion is elder Goddard ( not sure if that's how
you spell it) like jimmy neutrons dogs name lol. I don't know much
about it but I am excited for a new area and new comp. change is
really hard sometimes but I've realized that change is always going to
happen whether it's on a mission or just in life so it's best to just
accept it and have a good attitude about whatever comes your way. This
was a great last week in Kissimmee. We taught a lot of people
especially less actives which I love. The best part was when we had
brother Evans come out with us to go see some people. We were chillin
at the church waiting for him and then someone pulls up in a huge k9
blazer on like 44 inch tires hahaha looked like a monster truck and
elder Hawkins was like " does he drive a truck " and I was like yeah
then I look and I saw it and I was like oh Nahh that's not him. So we
wait for a little then he texts us and says I'm here hahaha so we walk
out and lo and behold it's 5 feet 5 brother Evans getting out of a
huge truck that was at least 3 feet off the ground Lol. So we get in
it and head out and go and stop by some peeps but no luck so we go see
Larry and Lisa who's are my favorite and we share a message. But on
the way there we saw a dirt road off to the side of the main road that
had a lot of mud and water so we went and picked up Larry and we went
off roading hahahaha. It was so fun. I took a cool video and some pics
so I will send them. But yeah it was a great week to end my time here
in Kissimmee. The ward has come such a long way since it was formed 4
months ago. I will miss it dearly. And I will miss elder Hawkins. He
is a great guy and we got along so well, I wish we could have done one
more together. I've been blessed with great companions my whole
mission and great areas and wards. I love you all and I love my
family. It was so awesome to talk to them and their faces. It was a
good last phone call home. 7 months left and I already know it's going
to fly by. I can't believe how fast time goes. I love my mission and
the people I've met. I'm trying not to be trunky buts gonna be hard
when Luke curt Seth and gator all come home hahahaha. Anyways I love
you all so much have a great week.

Elder Armijo

Here are some pics haha brother Evans and the monster truck
Also me saying by to the beloved brother John Moore

-Elder Hawkins and I.  I'm saying goodbye to Bonnie and her kids.  I'm going to really miss them.

-Then brother Sandoval and I
And brother hittle and I
Yes I'm wearing a red rose lapel pin it was Mother's Day 😏😎🤑

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