Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 16, 2016...."My testimony is to not judge others by what they look like"

Well friends and fam the first week here in Cocoa is done with. We
aren't supposed to be negative in our emails home so I'll just say it
was very interesting haha. I love my new companion Elder Goddard. He
has such a great heart and just wants to do his best in each area he
serves. He has been out 6 months now and he's from Oakley Idaho. I am
gonna learn a lot from him. He's super quiet. I think I've already
opened him up a bit this last week. It'll take a few more weeks but I
can't have a quiet companion I'll go insane in the membrane  insane in
the brain lulz. Elder Hawkins was quiet at first  as well but by the
end of the transfer we could have a convo about anything. So I'm
hoping it will be the same with Goddard.

So the area. I don't know where to begin. I'll start out by listing
the good ( I've had to do this a lot this last week in order to keep
me from being trunky )
We are full car
We don't share the ward
We live in a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom w/ a garage house
We have an electric reclining couch
The less actives are fetching awesome
There's tons of people to be taught.
Kennedy space center is in our ward ( we got free tickets from some
members so we're going soon)
There's a chic fila on Merritt island ( still super far )
The less active that drives us to exchanges has a Shelby GT500
There isn't slot of places to eat out so I'll save money
There isn't a lot places to shop so I'll save money LOL

Now I won't list the bad because that would be negative of me. But in
reality I just need to man up and stop complaining hahaha. I'll work
as hard here as I have in any other areas maybe a little more. I'm not
here for materialistic things or for the niceness of the area.
Although those things make it a lot easier that is not why I'm here.

We actually had a great week teaching and finding wise. The week did
seem to drag on and literally no one is ever home here and they never
ever answer their phones, not even the members!! Hahaha. So we did a
lot of stopping by people and them not being home. But because the
ward has such a big number of less active members we stay busy and on
Thursday I think it was we were going to try and meet a less active
and so we pull up to her house and before we can get out of the car a
lady named K ( for privacy I guess ) was like " she ain't there!!" And
so we walked over and started talking to her and found out that she
and her boyfriend live with sister F ( the less active ) so we talked
to K for a while and she told us her boyfriend who just got out of
jail was looking for a church to go to because he had been to a lot of
other ones and didn't like any of them. ( he was on the other side of
the road at another trailer home ) so she goes over there and talks to
him about us and we here them arguing a bit then she comes back and
was like " are y'all Jehovahs?? He doesn't like Jehovahs anymore " so
we reassured her we were most definitely not Jehovahs haha so she went
back over and talked to him then waved us over and we talked to J is
his name for privacy again we talked to j about our church and they
both seemed very interested and said they wanted to try it out this
Sunday. They gave us their number so we could set up a ride for them.
So fast forward to Saturday ( sorry for the long story ) we give them a
call and ask them if they are still wanting to come to church and they
said yes of course so we got them a ride and then we asked if we could
come by just to talk about church. So we went over and had a sick
lesson with them and it was great because sister F the less active was
there and she sat in and shared her testimony about Joseph smith and
Book of Mormon. Then we asked J if he had any questions and he was
like yeah I got one " can y'all teach me how to tie one of them neck
ties? " hahaha so we just laughed and said of course. We also asked
him what he wanted out of a church and he said to feel comfortable, he
wants to be able to go to church and not have to wear something fancy
and still feel like people love him and don't judge him, so we assured
him that he could wear whatever he wanted ( in my head I was thinking
I hope  it would work out) so we showed him how to tie a tie
and we left. So Sunday comes and J and K show up to church and J is
wearing s full on suit!! With some sick boots and his hair all done up
and K is wearing a floral dress! And they both looked like completely
different people. And long story short they loved church especially J
after the 3rd hour he looked at us and was like " okay what's next
guys?" And we were like well it's over hahaha! He said he loved it and
didn't want it to end and as they were leaving the building he turned
around and was like so when you guys coming over again?? And we were
like whenever you want us to. So long story I know but I have it
include the detail or it wouldn't seem as good haha. My testimony is
to not judge others because of what they look like, and that our
attitude is what determined how happy and successful we can be. I love
you all have a great week!

Elder Armijo

Some pics from last night in Kissimmee
Elder Hawkins and I with sister lefebvre and sister Brady
And us and the Spanish elders I'll miss them all especially the manikin

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