Monday, May 30, 2016

May 23, 2016......"The spirit can really touch the hearts of people"

Okay Friends and family another week down here in cocoa. It went by
really fast actually I feel like it was just Pday yesterday. Jk
everyday is a Pday for me ;-). I hope you all had a great week. We had
a lot of success this week in seeing our investigators. We have a man
named Doug who we are working with and he's so cool. We went over to
talk to him about his baptismal date because it had been pushed back
and we started talking about the Book of Mormon and he said yeah every
time I read I always think to myself there is no way a 14 year old boy
could have written this or made it up, and were like yeah we know
right ha ha. So that was cool. We've been praying about a baptismal
date for him and we felt like June 11 would be a good one so we told
him to pray about it so hopefully he receives an answer. Then we had a
great lesson with another investigator from a part member family the
dad isn't a member. We talked about the Atonement and it was a super
spiritual lesson. He really opened up and told us some of his
concerns. He told us he is sure he will get baptized he just doesn't
know when. The spirit can really touch the hearts of people it
awesome. I love the atonement. I've read so much about it whether it be
scriptures or in Jesus the Christ or just other books on it. It has
saved me and still carries me on the daily. Then we had a lesson with
K and J and it was sick we talked about baptism and k was like so do I
just schedule to be baptized or how does it work? And we're like yes
yes you do and we talked about it and she wants to get baptized and J
was like I've never been baptized so I wanna be baptized too hahaha so
it was just a lot at one time but we are gonna help them progress to
that! All in all it was a very successful week. This week should be
good as well, we have zone conference on Tuesday and its president
Berry's last one so he will probably make it super trunky but it's all
good I'm excited to meet president Clark. Also, Thursday there's a
shuttle launch that will happen so we are gonna watch it lol should be
sweet. Love you all send me letters pls.

Elder Armijo

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