Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 7, 2016....I've loved my mission so much!

Well friends and fam this week was my 15 month mark! Not that big of
deal lol. But time does fly so make sure you take advantage of the
time you have now. I've loved my mission so much and I'm grateful for
the missionaries I've met and for the people I've met and taught and

This past week was super busy!! First off we got a call from sister
Hansen who is D and M's main fellow-shipper her and her
husband that is and she tells us she talked to  B ( their mom )
about being baptized and sister Hansen told her she could get baptized
on April 6th if she wanted ( Jesus's birthday ) and B got super
excited and went from wanting to wait 3 more years to be baptized to
wanting to be baptized in a month! We met with B the next day and
she confirmed it and said she has been praying and fasting about it
and she is excited then the whole family came to church yesterday!!
Shoutout to members doing exactly what they need to be doing its sick
to see the members involved with the people we are teaching. B
has some things to overcome before she can be baptized but we ain't
got no worries! Then Tuesday was zone conference and it started at 7am
and went until about 4pm so it was a done deal after that I was so
tired. But zone conference was cool. There were some good training
but just the typical numbers this numbers that then president talked
about repentance as missionaries it was good. I have some pics from
ZC. Then the rest of the week we just went hard in the paint not
really but sorta cuz I'm not about that biking life lol so we saw as
many people as we could with members before we hopped on the stallions
and biked. I hate biking. I've had the " missionary experience "
already give me a car LOL. Jk it builds my leg muscles so I can dunk
on kids on Mondays. But yeah shoutout to the boys serving in those
other countries especially big chan in Africa, God bless you my
brother lol. And shout out to Elder King, realest man I've ever met.
got some pics of us with P Bear at ZC. Let's see idk what else to
write!! Love you all see you in 9 months! Oh wait also this week we
helped a member load up his storage unit and come to find out he is
Sister Braddocks brother!! Small world we live in! I got some pics
with him he's super fresh haha such a good guy.

I'll be sending pics throughout the day we are going to wild Florida
today so I finally get to hold a gator!! Turn up

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