Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 22, 2016........"The ward is doing awesome missionary work and giving us many people to teach"

February 15, 2016

Well friends and fam bam another week has come and gone! Happy
Valentine's Day I guess lol pretty lame holiday as a missionary lol
shout out to my mom for sending me a package she's the only one I need
my life #lockyourheartup. But anyways this week was good kinda slow
and miserable actually elder Hansen and I were both sick he had a bad
cold and I had a grenade go off in my stomach at least it felt like
that I had some infection in my stomach from something we ate. My
stomach hurt so bad it got to the point where breathing and moving
hurt haha so I went to urgent care and Doc Naughtin ( member ) hooked
me up with some antibiotics to get rid of the infection and they
worked! Now I'm back to normal and so is Elder Hansen. We didn't get
much done the first few days of the week which was annoying but we
made up for it the last few days and saw a lot of people. Ernie came
to church which was awesome. He is going through a lot of health
issues and family issues so we are just working on keeping him
positive but he's awesome. Still wants to get baptized so we are
working on setting another date with him. I don't have much to write
about this week sorry but I have some sweet pics with Donyae and the
family hopefully they will send. I love you all. Also I was asked this
week by a member what I miss most and I said there were many things
that I would have to pray about it and get back to him lol. I prayed and my answer is Sonic hahaha. I'll let you know what he thinks lolol

Elder Armijo

February 22, 2016
Well friends and fam another week has come and gone, it's been a good
week tons of biking and tons of basketball haha. We wake up and go to
the church to play ball every morning with the Spanish elders. But we
were able to see so many people this week even though we were on bikes
and Elder Hansen was getting over a cold. We met some part member
families who have kids that are not baptized and they want the kids to
get baptized and want to get active in the church again which is
sweet. The ward is doing some awesome missionary work and giving us
many people to teach! I don't have much to write today for some reason
lol. Just a long week of biking I'll have some pics to send and a
video love you all!!

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  1. Great picture whoa have not seen Elder Egan since l came back from Texas. I only heard he was transferred to Daytona.