Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 8, 2016..."It's such a privilege to be a part of this work and to be able to hold the priesthood".

Friends and fam what is up!! Another week has come and gone here in
Kissimmee and a lot has happened. First off transfers are this week
and elder Hansen and I will be staying together for another round!! We
are happy with this and are excited for the work that is yet to come
these next 7 weeks ( this is a 7-week transfer ). Secondly,  we had 2
baptisms this weekend which were amazing!! We were supposed to have 3
but "E" had an accident and fell in his home so he ended up going to
the hospital early Morning Saturday the day of his baptism. Freaking
Satan!  Ugh! he makes me so mad hahaha but it's okay we have faith
that Ernie is okay and will make it into the waters of baptism we just
haven't gotten ahold of him ( he doesn't have a phone ) and we don't
know which hospital he's at, so we aren't sure what to do other than
to pray and fast that we can get ahold of him. On the good side, "D"
and "M" were baptized this past Saturday and it was such an
awesome service!! The spirit was so strong and we know their mom
 felt it as strong as we did she came to church and even bore
her testimony and told us she stopped drinking coffee haha so we are
making progress. Elder Hansen baptized "D" and I baptized "M".
Such a privilege to be a part of this work and to be able to hold the
priesthood. And to see people progress and see the gospel make such a
difference in their lives. I love you all!! Sorry for the short
email!! I have some pics to send hopefully they do send!! I'll be
sending this email super early so I don't have to worry about the wifi
being bad when the rest of the missionaries are at the church lol. I,
gonna send the pics in a separate email!!

Elder Armijo

Pics:  Baptism of Donyae and Marcella

        Zone P-Day

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