Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015............"If AMMON Can Do it, Anyone Can"!

Holy another week gone by. What's up everyone! So first off Elder P went home on Friday :( he sent me an email and said he doesn't like being home and he doesn't know what's gonna happen with his back. He's not sure if he'll be able to come back out. So keep him in your prayers please! But yeah. So another week and we didn't have much success. We found one new investigator and tried to visit so many people but they either say they are home and aren't really or they gave us a fake address haha. But the key is to keep working and not give up. Once you start to doubt satan starts working on that doubt and it turns into a lot more than that! I just wanna give a quick shout out to my friends and cousins that were such good examples to me over the last few years. Too many too name but they know who they are. And of course my big brother Queston. So many things I can say about you bro but I wouldn't have enough time to type it all. Just know I love you with all my heart bro. This week I'm just filled with gratitude for everyone that supports me and is there for me. Of course Mom ,Dad,Bryant the boys Ciarra you guys are awesome! Mom I got your package and holy cow that's a lot of stuff thank you hahaha and for the little pictures and notes you send to I hang them all up on my wall! I also spoke in church in my new Ward this Sunday. My topic was the talk by President Monson called "He is Risen". It talks about the resurrection and life after death. And although I didn't talk about it because I didn't want to cry for my first talk haha, I couldn't help but think of Uncle Todd. The picture you sent me mom of Todd is hanging up on my wall in front of my desk so I see him everyday. In my talk I told the story of what the lady said at the Ogden temple when me Q and Mollee were there about the guy that died and went to heaven and then came back. I  used some scriptures to back up President Monson's quotes and the scriptures that I found are some of the best I've come across. They are in Mosiah 16: 7-9. I won't type them out but I know that because Christ died for us we may all live again. We will see those who have gone before us. Death is merely the beginning of our lives. We are just spirits having a mortal experience. That's all this is, this life is just a mortal experience. How awesome it is to have the knowledge we have and take comfort in knowing this. We WILL see Todd again there is no doubt in my mind. This is long so I'll end by saying. Everyone back home and whoever reads this. Help the missionaries out in your Ward. Give them referrals help them get rides sign up to feed them. Be just as good of missionaries as they are. Invite people to church invite them to dinner with the Missionaries. When a ward is involved in the missionary work then the work progresses a lot more. I have been taken care of so good out here and I just hope that you guys are doing the same for the Missionaries in Chandler or Utah or Queen Creek or wherever you are. Everyone is to be a Missionary. Love you all.   Elder Armijo                 Stay Gucci. #swag #1hunnit #yeet 
PS. All my cousins and Step Brothers thinking about a mission. I can say one thing and one thing only. If Ammon can do it ANYONE can do it. Trust in the lord and he will guide you where you need to be. Love you guys. 


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