Monday, June 22, 2015


Well another week down!! And what a good one it was like always haha.
So first thing is first happy Father's Day to my best friend and the
man I can only hope to become big Frank Armijo III. Love you pops and
I am so grateful for the support you have always given me no matter
what. Can't wait until we are watching movies and basketball everyday
again. And happy Father's Day to my Hitta Bryant aka Dr Phil aka
family fixer lol love you man and I thank you for treating us so well
especially my Mom. I know mixing families was tough at first but I
think we got it down thanks to you I love you both and thank you for
your examples that you set.

 So...... on to the week. It was a solid one. As always we taught 20+
lessons and we had "N's" baptismal interview and she passed. So
she will be baptized this Saturday and we are so stoked!! We've seen
the Atonement work miracles in her life and it has really helped our
testimonies grow. It's been so awesome to see her grow in this
 Gospel so fast. She hasn't decided who will baptize and confirm her
yet but we will figure that out this week she said she's praying about
it! It's weird because as I have been the companion of a District Leader,
 I have seen other missionaries struggle in their areas to find
success and since I've been here I have seen nothing but success. Now
I'm not saying they are doing anything wrong. The work is harder in
certain areas, I'm just saying I am so grateful to be in an area where
the work is moving forward at such a rapid pace and I truly believe
it's because of the wards involvement. The other missionaries their
wards aren't as involved and it really does impact the work. So I hope
that my home ward is as fired up and involved in the missionary work
as my ward here is. I know brother Luke is the ward mission leader now
right ? So the work should be moving right along. He is the perfect man
for that calling. He has such a love for the gospel and a love for
other people. It might not seem like it cuz I was such a punk kid in
his quorum but I saw how much he loved this gospel and in turn how
happy he was and it was such a great example for me and I know it was
for the other priests. So hopefully the missionaries are doing what
they need to be doing and the work is moving along in Chandler. I
expect to see a whole new ward of recent converts and reactivated
members when I return home lol. I just love his work so much. It's
hard boy it's hard but like an Elder in my ward back home once said
"It's the hardest thing I will ever love" and indeed it is. But
nothing worth the time is easy, but it's still worth it. The Lord
really does know us and really can help us through the rough patches.
No one can tell me different because he has helped be personally
these last few weeks. I love you all I hope everyone is doing well.
Stay fresh and if anyone wants to send me some shoes from my vans
collection that'd be cool I'm gonna start my shoe collection again and
be the only Elder with a sneaker collection lol.
Got some pics for you guys so just stay tuned
Elder Armijo


1. Epic picture of me and elder Kruger #wayyyyyupifeelblessed
2&3. Pics from a chill spot we found #jesus+MERICA it's what we live for
4. These are the Scott's. And this is Walter Scott. Aka the brother of
the apostle Richard G Scott. They are in our ward! We had dinner with
them this week. They are moving so we took a pic with them lol.

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