Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 29, 2015...."You def have to have fun or you will go crazy"

Hello friends and family! Another week down! I can't believe June is
already over!! I literally remember thinking that it would never end
lol that was on the 1st. Haha time flies when you are working and
having fun. Notice I put work first ✊🏻. But you def have to have fun
or you will go crazy. But yeah to be honest this week was full of let
downs. Our baptism fell through and is now on the 11th. But we're
happy it is still happening! And we lost a few people we were teaching
due to personal reasons they had. We still taught a lot but it stinks
seeing people turn away from what I know to be so awesome and true.
But bad days and weeks will come so I know that this next week will be
full of miracles because only after the trial of our faith do we see
blessings. I saw an article about some missionaries who were in a bad
flood or rain storm and they like saved some families? Such a sweet
story and an experience for those elders. The Lord will provide
strength at the right times and when we need it most. Missionaries are
called of God to be in places where he needs them. And yes I heard
about the same sex Marriage ruling.  I have little to say about this other than we know what's right and we are to be the examples. Use this as a missionary opportunity to explain the Family Proclamation when people ask what your opinion is. We have been warned for many many many years through prophets and apostles, the Lord knew, he always does. 

 So this week is the 4th of July and we will be going to a members condo that over looks a huge lake and is over looking universal and Disney parks so we will watch fireworks there from the parks. We are on week 5 of the transfer so we only have a week and a half left before transfers. Me and Elder P have been together for 3 transfers. Such a long time with one person lol
but it's been such a party man. I'm kinda scared cuz idk if I can get
a better comp than my boy P haha. But I'll take whoever the Lord puts
me with and make him my homie too. I've been district leader comp my
whole mission now it will be weird to do something different.  I hope I get transferred but then again I don't want to leave Olympia. But we will see what happens. I hope you all had an awesome week and continue to be happy. And please please try not to get into arguments over this same sex marriage ruling. The doctrine will never change so don't let it bother you! Just go on with your
lives! Love you all! Stay Gucci!
Elder Armijo

Here are some pics from this past week lol
1. Secret service or missionary? #MERICA
2&3. Some sweet pics on me and my stallion
4. Getting some love from my old friend meaty


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