Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015: "I did NOT want to Bike!"

Friends and family what is up!!!

 What a great miracle filled week we had here in Olympia. It was a busy and tiring week and I'm glad we got the car this week because my legs are jello from biking so much! But I'm grateful we did bike because if we would have gotten rides to the places we needed to go we wouldn't have been able to talk to the people we did and stop by the people we did as well. So at the beginning of this transfer I was sorta bummed honestly because after this transfer I will have been here 7 1/2 months haha so pretty much my whole mission to this point( besides the month in Ocoee). So, I felt as if there was nothing left for me to do in this area other than to show Elder Oxborrow around. However, God showed me otherwise hahaha. It's funny how we think we know best sometimes. Even when we KNOW God knows everything we still assume our knowledge and our judgments are better. But this week I decided to stop feeling like there was nothing left for me and to work like I had just arrived here. So me and elder Oxborrow set a lot of awesome goals. The thing about setting goals is, when you set specific ones, and you involve the Lord in those goals, Heavenly Father sees that you are serious about reaching them. He  knows that you aren't just setting goals just to reach those goals and brag or just to set goals and not reach them, he knows you are setting goals to help others come closer to his son Jesus Christ. And so we set a goal to find a family of 4. Not sure why we felt 4 but we did.  So, we prayed each day for Heavenly Father to give us the strength and the courage to go out and find a family of 4.  We set this goal Friday of the week before last week during weekly planning. Then on Tuesday after that, we were biking to an appointment on the edge of  our border, probably a good 10 mile bike ride so 20 total. For some reason we just could not find a ride over there. Members were busy and I was getting frustrated because I did not want to bike. Like at all hahaha. But then I heard a voice and I'm sure now it was God, the voice said "you need to bike today". So I turned to Elder Cowan ( we were on exchanges) and I said "well looks like we're biking". So we set out on this bike ride and after a few awesome contacts with people on our way which is why I thought we needed to bike, we turned a corner onto a main road half way to our destination and in front of us coming toward us was a family. A mom and her 3 kids. A family of 4. When I saw them I knew why we had to bike. We stopped and we talked to them. The mom said they had seen missionaries before in Puerto Rico. They were in a hurry so we got their number and she said we could stop by next week in the morning. After that short and brief contact with a family a 4 I knew why we had to bike, and I saw how setting goals can make all the difference. As  we biked out to our appointment at the edge of our area we got poured on. But let me tellyou, it was the best bike ride I have ever went on. We were soaked to the bone but we were happier than ever haha. After the lesson we had with a recent convert. I had the impression to stop by a potential investigator in the area her name is "Pat". I wasn't sure why but we headed over and we knocked on her door and she snarled back " who is it"? and we said missionaries and then she said " oh WAIT!,  Hold on let me put some pants on" hahaha and so she opened the door ( with pants on) and she had the biggest smile on her face. Long story short we taught her for about 45 minutes and she loved every minute and every word of it. She said she had been praying for help because she was going through a lot and she knew that God sent us to her and we knew it as well. We went back a few days later and had a lesson with her and she loved it again and she is so solid. She came tochurch on Sunday as well and loved it. So the moral of the story is if we would have gotten a ride to this lesson on the edge of our border I'm convinced we wouldn't have met our family of 4 and we wouldn't have met "Pat". I'm so grateful that there is a plan for all things and all people. God loves us and is watching over each and every one of us and even though we might think we know best. We need to take a step back and let the lord humble us. Because the moment you think you are humble, you've lost it. Being humble does not take a fewexperiences, being truly humble does not happen just from going on a mission. We must continue to try and let the lord humble us because we cannot humble ourselves. I love you all so much.  I'm so grateful for my mission and the miracles I have seen. Also we went to the temple this week!! It was our last temple trip for this year! I have some awesome pics from that as well! The Orlando temple is so awesome. Also, tomorrow will be cut short because we have a lesson with another new investigator at 4pm here so PDay will be a little shorter tomorrow! Love you all email me please! Write me!
Elder Armijo
 Elder DeMille and Elder Armijo at the Orlando Temple
Olympia District Temple Day

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