Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 3, 2015..."Because you guys are the key to helping us become an ETERNAL Family"

Hello friends and fam bam!

 What a sick week we had here like always I guess haha. Hunter entered the mtc right?? That's so sick!! He's gonna love all the food, oh and the spiritual part too Hahahaha. That's awesome though. Crazy today is 8 months since I left home. I really feel like I was in the mtc like a week ago. But anyways this week was pretty sweet. We focused on our investigators more this week than our
less actives and recent converts and it was awesome. We set a baptismal date with "P" for August 22 and she is upper pumped about it. Like really really excited haha when she found out at she was able to be baptized by proper priesthood authority she got soooo excited because she has been baptized 3 times and every time she said it didn't feel right. It would feel good for a while but nothing changed. So she is super excited about her baptism and so are we!!! She has grown so much the last 2 weeks. We just gotta help her stop smoking that green if you know what I mean.. I wish you guys could meet her she is boss. Another cool thing is we have been working with a part member family where the wife is a member and the husband is not. He husband has been around members his whole life though. Growing up his best friend and still best friend is a member and all his friend were as well.  Then he married a member and now he's realizing that an eternal family is what he wants for his family and he realizes that his whole life has been preparation for now. It was awesome because I asked him straight up " why do you think we continue to want to meet with you and your family" and thinking he would say "to baptize me" he said " because you guys are the key , the key to helping us become an eternal family and help me get to the point where we can become so" and I was so shocked and pumped at the same time. He knows he has to be baptized and he knows eternal families are possible it's just getting to that point. So we are super stoked to be working with him and his family!! Not sure who's gonna baptize him because he's a big guy and his hand like eats your hand when you shake it hahaha. But yeah the work is going awesome. The transfer is already
half way over and when the transfer is over August will be over hahaha that's so crazy. Only a month until my birthday. But yeah I love you all hope all is well back home. Stay active in the church don't listen to satan and uhh follow your dreams haha. 


With Elder Oxborrow

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