Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015..."I've had so many awesome miracles and have taught so many awesome people."

Hello Everyone!

BOOM!  Well Saturday we received a call and I was told that I will be transferring out of Olympia. We knew that's what would happen haha but I guess it was just a shock because I have been here my whole mission up to this point. About 8 months here in this area and I'm finally leaving it really is a bitter sweet feeling. I have grown so close to the ward and have felt like I was at home here. I've had so many awesome miracles and have taught so many awesome people. I've also had so many bad days and so many people who have gotten so close and just dropped us flat. It's been so awesome serving here but I'm also ready for a change. So I'm stoked to see where I will be going next!! This week was pretty good. I knew I was getting transferred so it was hard to stay motivated but we were able to see "P" and man it's so awesome how much she has grown this last transfer, and now her husband Joe is sitting in and is wanting to be baptized also!  So it's so amazing how the Lord works. I've been so pumped to see "P" just progress so fast. The Lord truly does prepare people for his Gospel. I will be sad that I can't make it to her baptism :/ but if I'm close enough I will get permission. This week we taught a lot about 3 Nephi 11 and that is where Christ appears to the Nephites. I think that's like my favorite chapter of all time. It's so cool to know that Jesus Christ not only visited the Jews but he visited all of Gods children. I don't get why people wouldn't want to learn about that. But then I was told that one of the people running for president is a rapper named Deeznuts and then I realized how corrupt and polluted this world is. They took Christ out of the history books by changing BC to BCE or before common era. This world is so dumb.  I'm so grateful to have the knowledge of this Gospel and as the world becomes more and more wicked it makes me so much more pumped up to be out here unpolluting at least some of the people.

On Sunday I told a few members I was leaving but in our apartment there is a saying on the wall... and it says " I'm not here to be remembered but to help other remember him"  Anyway, I know why I am here. I love you all and I will let you know where I go and with who I go next week!! Stay Gucci 

Elder Armijo

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