Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 10, 2015..."If We Are Worthy, The Lord Will Make Us Tools In His Hands"

Hello friends and family!!

 What a week we had this week!  We had a lot of member present lessons which was so awesome. Members are the key to successful missionary work I promise you. We had such awesome lessons with "P" and we taught her about the word of wisdom and after the lesson I gave her a blessing that she would be able to stop smoking that weed  and that night she told us she went to smoke her joint she had and she said she coughed all the way through it and that it tasted like crap. It was like that Asian guy on the District saying he wanted to throw up when he thought about smoking haha it was so awesome! She said she's going to stop for sure now and she is so ready to get baptized. I'm usually not a fan of knocking on doors. Like at all . There are way better ways to use your time but "P" is a result of us knocking. She has just flourished so much, and she wears like suits to church with matching hats hahaha shes so fresh. I will for sure take a pic with her this week. And we also are teaching a lady named "M" who is so awesome. She is a little older but she has such a strong testimony already. I just love seeing people who have never heard of the gospel listen to the message and it just click in their minds and hearts that it is true. It's like they are remembering the plan that hey accepted before we all got here. I know his church is true I have seen so many miracles from preaching this gospel and being worthy of my Priesthood. If we are worthy the Lord will make us tools in his hands. I know it was through the power of God that "P" has been able to stop smoking. I love you all!! Have a great week!

Elder Armijo

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