Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August 31, 2015..."Let me just start off by saying how stoked I am for this transfer!!"

Friends and Family,

Let me just start off by saying how stoked I am for this transfer!! My new area is called DeLand 1 and that's the ward also DeLand 1st ward. We are like 60 miles from my last area and its a lot more Green out here but it's so sick. We are car sharing with 2 other elders, elder Bravo who is our District Leader and his trainee Elder Chug . Our apartment is way bigger than Olympia I actually have room to think here it's nice. My new companion is Elder Ferrin and he's from freaking Gilbert AZ! He's such a boss man we clicked right away. The sad part is he goes home in 6 weeks therefore this is his last transfer in the mission. His whole mission he hasn't had any companions from AZ and then he gets me for his last and I'm from AZ obviously so we're gonna party hard I mean work hard ;) so needless to say the Lord has again blessed me this transfer. I don't know why I get so worried when transfers come around haha. But I know that since Elder Ferrin is going home after this transfer that means I will be here for at least 2 transfers or 12 weeks. So I'm happy to be here. We aren't that close to other missionaries geographically which is a change but that shouldn't be a problem. We have been just stopping by members and less actives this past week so I can get to know them and learn the area better. I'm really good at remembering streets and how to get places so I should pick up the area pretty quick. This area is wayyy bigger than Olympia hahaha. So this week on bikes will be interesting. The last 3 weeks in Olympia we had the car so I haven't biked in like 4 weeks Hahaha but I'm getting fat so it will be good I can lose some weight. The towns or cities that we cover are Debary, FL and Orange City, FL. I like it over here it's a change from being in the city. The people are different as well and I see a lot more trucks with confederate flags on them hahaha. But I really do love it here so far and I'm glad to be serving with Elder Ferrin for his last transfer. Hopefully we both don't get to trunky haha. This Saturday is my birthday so I think we're gonna party pretty hard :-) or just eat at members house and teach some lessons hahaha. I love you all hope you have a good week. I'll try and take some pics on my birthday. 

Elder Armijo

Map of DeLand, Florida stake

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