Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 14, 2015........."I'm here for 2 years preaching this Gospel that I believe to be true"

Friends and family,

  What's good!! Another week down here in DeLand and it was a good one. We had a zone conference on Tuesday and that was good I guess. I'm not a fan of big meetings. So I won't lie I did fall asleep a few times.  Honestly I just wanted to be out working and serving someone not sitting in a meeting from 8am to 4pm. Anyway, We also got flu shots and when they asked us if we were getting one I wasn't sure because momma always took care of deciding that for me LOL so when they asked I was like well I'm just gonna do what my mom would want me to do and get one lol. Some missionaries didn't get them which is understandable you never know what the government is putting into your body when you get one of those. But I'm not sick so all is well. Elder Ferrin didn't have to get one cuz he was sick haha. Then Wednesday we had Book of Mormon class which is what we have every Wednesday night for people to come and we read from a chapter of the Book of Mormon and discuss it. But two weeks ago a group of men from the bible baptist church here came and that time. It almost got contentious but they were nice and wanted to learn more. Then this week, Ahh man we almost had to throw down with these guys. They came and not even half way through the chapter they started going off on why we're saved and how we're not saved by our works and blah blah blah blah As I'm listening to them ask these questions and throw out Bible verse after Bible verse it just hit me, I am so grateful to have the knowledge that I do have. Elder Bravo finally spoke up and pretty much just said guys were here to study the Book of Mormon if you have questions or comments that don't concern the chapter we are reading write them down and save them for another time, otherwise get out, lol but he said it nicer than that but they said okay and we finished the chapter. Then after the class they just went in again they singled off and started talking to out members and some talked to us and this whole time I'm just thinking these guys claim to be Christians yet they come to our church and try to tear us down, the very same thing that satan is trying to do. Long story short I bore my testimony and told them look I'm here for 2 years preaching this gospel that I believe to be true.  You aren't gonna convert me to your Bible church when in reality you probably don't even love the Bible truly. You just pick little bits and pieces and choose what you like about it. Then the Stake President came in and told us we had to go. It was intense but it was good testimony wise for me to realize how awesome and lucky we are to have the restored gospel and how readily available it is to us. I love you all and hope to hear from you soon!

Elder Armijo
1. Selfie with Elder Ferrin
2.Selfie with Elder Chugg
3. Loner pic while bowling
4. District P-Day (Bowling

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