Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015......"Jesus didn't just baptize"

Well friends and family another week has come and gone and its pday
again. This past week was slow as this transfer has been. Honestly I
can say it's been one of the least successful transfers ( baptism and
investigator wise ) of my mission. And that's okay. I've come to
realize that a mission is not about baptizing I know I've said this
many times but I just feel like I'm here to help and serve more than I
am to teach and baptize. Some missionaries spend their whole missions
thinking they are only successful if they baptize a lot of people. I'm
not sure where that mindset came from but I say that is false. If you
work hard and if you are obedient then you will be and feel successful
regardless of how many baptisms you get. Now don't get me wrong, it
does stink when people you are teaching and are progressing turn away
the truth. And sometimes it does stink when no one will listen ( like
this transfer) and you can't find anyone, but when those times come
it's important to realize that Jesus Christ didn't just baptize people
when he was here. He helped people whether or not they received him. 
 I've had one baptism my whole mission and that was Courtney, 
and if that is the only baptism I have when I return home then my
 mission will have been a success. Because Courtney is active 
and is awesome and will hopefully serve a mission
soon. I'm not here to stack up my numbers, I'm here to help those that
need help. And if we are blessed with people who are ready and willing
to be baptized then that's a plus, not the reason I am here. Now this
email is pretty serious and some of you will think I'm dumb for saying
these things but this is what I've seen in my mission. I love you all.
Here's some pics!

1. Me spinning a ball whilst reading the word of God whilst Jesus is descending
2. Me when I finally got my birthday package
3. Florida ( it had just poured rain 10 minutes earlier )

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