Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 13, 2015 "I dropped my iPad and it shattered"

Another week down! Man they go by faster and faster. This week
was pretty mediocre. We're just focusing a lot of time on finding new
people to teach. We have had to drop a lot of people that weren't
progressing so we're pretty much starting from scratch. So, I
guess the big news is transfers is on Tuesday and Elder P will be
getting transferred and I am staying in Olympia.....again Hahahaha. I
love this ward and area though so it would be hard if it wasn't such a
great ward and area. And also elder P is going to be a Zone leader! So
that's pretty exciting!
 But on the bright side, I dropped my iPad yesterday and the screen shattered lol so much
for these cases they gave us haha. Anyway, that's such a first world
problem Hahahaha. Sometimes I wish we just had our scriptures and
pamphlets and didn't have to worry about these iPads. But then I
realize, Nahh iPads are sick lolol. So not much to report this week
except we got into contact with "N". It was really sad. She just
wasn't ready to commit and felt like she was disappointing us and God
so she avoided us. She relapsed and she was actually really high when
we got to see her so we aren't sure what she said was true but we will
be visiting her once a week to help her with a addiction recovery
program. It was a scary lesson. Elder P just didn't feel right and I
didn't feel the spirit. It's crazy how much power Satan has over us.
That's why we have to stay strong in this gospel and never waver in
our faith no matter what the world does or how it changes. Love you
all sorry for a short email I have some pics to make up for it!.

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  1. Very happy to see that your faith has kept you moving forward. yes satan does have some play in our daily lives but do not give him any foot hold. Stay strong in your faith like my husband and I are and it has served us well in the past. Just be strong and look to the future. Thank you.

    Cordia Remsen @ RB’s Computer Service