Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 20, 2015........"So pray for me brother I need redemption I'm just a man, a man on a mission".

Well another week down, and down is a good word to describe it because
it was a rough one. My new comp is Elder Oxborrow. He's from Spanish
Fork and he's really a good guy. I'm excited to serve with him I know
we will baptize together. I say it was a rough week because everything
changed so fast in like a day haha. I was with Elder P for a while so
for some reason I thought I'd be with him my whole mission. Then I
get a new comp and it hit me in the face that I won't be serving
around the same people for my whole mission. I'm the only one left in
my zone that was here when I got to the mission, everyone else has
been transferred out since then. So I guess for me it was like
starting all over again lol. And I got pretty sad and upset and
started thinking about home and blah blah. So I did the only thing I
know how to do when times get crappy. I got on me knees and I asked
Heavenly Father to give me the strength to push through this "hard
time" and to focus on my task at hand. Now, I didn't feel relief right
away. Actually, after the prayer I was more sad than before. But as the
week went on I started to see the tender mercies of the Lord and my
sadness started to leave and I started to get back to my normal rhythm
and my normal thoughts. When I say started to, I mean I didn't feel
a relief of answer to my prayers until late Saturday night when I was
laying in bed watching Mormon messages on my iPad. And I watched like
30 of them and then I finally watched one I had watched many times
before. It's called good things to come by Elder Holland. And in this
video he tells a story about some struggles a family had as they were
trying to cross the country, and there was a quote that hit me and as
soon as I heard I knew my father in heaven was looking out for me.
Elder Holland said " Some blessings come soon, some come late, and
some don't come till heaven, but for those who embrace the Gospel of Jesus
Christ, they come. It will be alright in the end, trust God and
believe in good things to come ". And after I heard that I had a
reassurance that no matter what happens back home, and no matter how
hard it is here, there's hope and happiness ahead as long as we
embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ. So I guess you could say this week
was a selfish week for me since I did the exact opposite of forgetting
myself and going to work. Honestly, I'm grateful I had this week
and I'm grateful for my trial because now I know how I don't want my
mission to be like. I know now what I must do when I start feeling
discouraged or depressed. I know that God answers prayers and he knows
us. I have seen it so many times and I know without a doubt that this
is the true church. So those of you going on missions get ready for
hard times, get ready for Satan to try to bring you down, but get
ready to win, because as long as you have the Lord on your side he
cannot and will not win. It might seem like he is winning but I
promise you as you trust in the Lord and put your faith in him, he
will always cast out that wanna be Satan. And that goes for not just
missionaries my everyone in general. Love you guys. Stay Gucci and
also just a little advice: don't tailgate into apartment complexes
when there's a sign that says not to. The gate bar will come down and
won't stop and it will hit your car and break and then you will have
to end up paying 115$ bucks for it. Lesson learned the hard way. And
also congrats to my boy Chandler for getting his call to Zambia. So
sick man love ya! FOM is still the best mission though 😏✊🏼. And also
to my cousin hunter can't be alive he already gave his farewell talk!
That's crazy how fast time goes haha. Good luck guys love you all.

Elder Armijo
Pic:  "The Cat"

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