Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015....,,"I hope others actually read these Blog posts, if not, at least my Mom and Dad do"

Hello everyone!

 So another week down and April is almost over!!
That's so crazy haha. So Hunter had his farewell? Nice he's gonna do
so awesome he'll love the MTC it's all you can eat free food lol. Well
this week was pretty good. First off me and Elder Pututau will be
staying another transfer together! So we're both staying in Olympia
which is a good thing!! Super happy about that. We have so much
success together it would be blasphemy to split us up after only 1
transfer lol. But in 13 days I will be out 5 months......just think
about that real quick. Time has flown by!!! I can still remember the
first week I got here lol. Like every detail. I really love the ward
here and have met such awesome people. Our ward seems to be the ward
for all of the people visiting the theme parks so we always have new
faces in our ward so it's fun to talk to people and see where they are
from and stuff. Some good news is we got a hold of "C" finally
and she is still super awesome! We aren't sure how much longer she
will be in her house :( so we might not get to see her baptized here.
She isn't sure what's gonna happen. But we are meeting with her this
week to figure stuff out. In the next few weeks we have a mission
conference and there will be a general authority coming to that! And
also our stake conference for the Orlando south stake and I believe a
general authority is coming to that.  So that should be awesome! I think
he is doing a mission tour so it might be the same one. I think he's
from the 70. Haha on Sunday we ate at Brother Aholas house and let me
just say I'm so grateful to be serving in Orlando Florida lol. He's
like a multi millionaire who's the humblest guy ever. He's from
Finland and he's so awesome. I took a picture of the view from his
dining room so I will send that lol. It's awesome serving in the area
that the temple is in! So many members of our ward live next to it.
Well this email is a lot of random stuff but I can't think of much to
say this week, I'm so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve
and to grow as an individual and help others grow. I've truly learned
to put others first and I'm excited to see what the rest of my mission
has in store for me. I hope others actually read these blog posts and
if not then at least my Mom and Dad do lol. Hopefully. Love you all
stay safe and never stop spreading the truth.

Elder Armijo
 A random Bus we found
Anti Mormon stuff
Steak Dinner night with a member
 The view from Brother Aholas back patio

-A selfie with Elder P, Alek ( Brother Aholas son) and Gramschi (Recent Convert)

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