Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015...."Love One Another"

Hello friends and family! Another week down and this one went fast!
(Car weeks always do lol). Me and Elder Pututau had an awesome week!
We taught many people and set a baptismal date with "C".  She will be baptized on May 9!! So I hope I'm still in Olympia for that! Transfers are in a week so this
Saturday we will find out who is being transferred! Most likely me and
 Pututau will stay another one together which I hope happens! This
transfer has been so sweet! But it has gone by so fast haha. So I saw
on the news there were some tornados in Chicago or something??? Is
Gunnar okay? Knowing him he was probably outside taking pictures with
his iPad lol. I love that kid man.  That's crazy, we just had a big
day storm here on Saturday haha Florida weather is so bipolar. But
anyways. All is well here in the FOM. Time is going by faster and
faster I wish it would slow down! Today is actually District Pday so
we are going to do something as a district! I think we are going to go
eat at Buffalo Wild Wings and then go to the outlets and come back and
play some soccer! So today should be pretty fun. This past week has
just been another week of teaching. We got some new people to teach
and also some new members moved in that are less active so we will be
visiting them this week! It's the last week of the transfer and me and
 Elder Pututau haven't been below 20 lessons each week so we are
hoping to end with a bang! We want to teach as many people as we can
and use our time wisely.
      I feel like I should talk a little about loving everyone. So I
will simply say this. If we do not love everyone and show compassion
towards those who have less or more than us, how can we claim to be
followers and disciples of Jesus Christ? Did Christ not love everyone?
I believe he did. I know he did. As members of the true church on the
earth today we are to be Christ like in all our doings, and that
includes the way we interact with others and the things we do and say
to and about others. I have seen a division among people here for
various reasons; money, color, etc. why does the color of skin matter
so much to people? Did God not create all of us? Are we not all equal?
Don't we all cry out to the same God when we need help? For those of
you who struggle with the commandment of loving everyone. I can only
refer you to the one man that can humble your heart, his name is Jesus
Christ. He didn't just die for the white people, he didn't just die
for black people, he didn't atone  only for certain peoples sins, he
died for all of us and he atoned for everyone's sins. The Atonement of
Jesus Christ and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not unique to certain
people. So if you ever have moments where you are judging someone,
whether you feel they are above or below you, just stop and remember
that Jesus Christ died for them also and you are equal. Get on your
knees and repent ask Heavenly Father to humble your heart and bless
you with the pure love of Christ. Because without that love we cannot
become the Christ like individuals we are so set on becoming. We are
all the same and we are all loved equally by our Heavenly Father and
his son Jesus Christ. I hope we all can learn to love those around us
and realize that we are here to love everyone. This is something I
have had to work on myself, not because of race but just putting
others before myself. Once you love like Christ loved, then and only
then will you walk like Christ walked. 

Love you all, Elder Armijo

Elder P and his 24 oz steak


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