Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015........."What if I'm just not made to be a Missionary?"

Another week down!! What is up friends and fam!! Crazy how fast time
is going. This past week was a blast I hope you all had a good one as
well! So this week was the first week of the transfer and me and elder
 Pututau have been together for 7 weeks now. It's gone by sooooo fast.
Week one is always a hit or miss ha-ha either you do really well or you
just have a yucky start to the transfer. But me and elder P have had
good starts to both transfers and I don't see it ever stopping lol. We
have hit our goals every week and most of the time exceed them. Hard
work truly does make the dream work ....wait what? Lol. I hope all my
friends are doing well on their missions. Did Hunter get his call
yet?? If he did then I'm late but I'm calling somewhere in Michigan! I
hope he goes in the U.S.! U.S. Missions are the best cuz well AMERICA.
And because we still get all the things we did back home lol.( most of
the time). But let me know where he gets called!

Over the last few months I have been here I have come to notice that
the more we work the easier it gets. Now I'm referring to missionary
work but take it as you please cuz it can apply to anything really. I
have sort of adapted to the mission life in 5 short months and I never
really thought I could. I remember driving to the airport with my dad
and asking him "what if I'm just not made to be a missionary, I don't
think I will be able to adapt to the missionary lifestyle." I
sincerely could not picture myself riding a bike talking to people and
teaching them about the gospel. You guys know me and I'm sure it was
hard for you to picture too lol. But I got here and I just did it. A
missionary serving in my ward back home told me something that I
understand now. I asked him how he liked being a missionary if it was
hard. And he said you know man you just do it. I thought I knew what
he meant. But now. I understand completely. Missionary work is not an
easy task. Nor is it meant to be. It wasn't easy for Jesus Christ so
why would it be easy for us? Why do we complain when it gets rough and
why do we want to quit? Knowing what our Savior went through knowing
why he did what he did, why would we even think about giving up when
he didn't? We have no right. This may sound harsh, especially coming
from me go figure, but we have no right to give up. The Savior did not
atone for the world just so we could decide that something is too hard
and to say that we can't do it. By doing so we show a lack of faith in
our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. By saying there is no way I can do
this, we might as well be saying Jesus Christ can't even help me. And
that....that is where we are wrong. The ONLY person that can actually
help us is our savior. He is the light and the life of the world and
we are to abide in him permanently,  unyielding, steadfastly, and
forever. (Elder Holland) so never give up, never give in press forward
with faith in Christ and he will take care of you. There is no
mountain high nor valley low enough that he cannot save you from. You
just have to let him and we have to keep fighting. Satan is a real
being set on destroying us and he will try anything and everything to
break you. If you give up then you are giving in to his requests and
his doings.

This email is a little serious but there's been some stuff happen here
where people have given up on themselves and others and it's
heartbreaking. I love you all have a good week

Elder Armijo
 Dinner at Outback with a family that Elder P is related to....I
 Me and Elder Pututau.  I'm copping some collard greens at a members home. haha
At the church today, P-day,  With Elders Demille, Scott, Fullmer and Olson

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