Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4th, 2015........'The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Gospel of Transformation"

Hello everyone! Another week down! This week went by pretty fast but we
didn't have much success. It was probably our worst week yet.
Appointments fell through and we lost a few people that we were
working with. We're pretty much starting from nothing now but we are
confident in the things we have planned for this coming week. We have
a lot and I mean ALOT of finding activities scheduled. Including
basketball at a park we found in the hood so turn up on the court
haha we will hopefully find some people to teach there. We had stake
conference also and we had a member of the 70 there Elder Hymas! And
mission conference as well with Elder Clarke of the 70.
     Not sure why this week was so bad. We do what we are supposed to
yet things just kept falling through. I never knew how much I could
care for someone else's salvation until this week. The people that we
had been working with just seemed so promising. But satan has power
and never underestimate him! He will throw things at people so that
the gospel does not touch their hearts the way it is supposed to. I
guess this is the reality of missionary work. You start working with
someone and you care so much about them. And they either continue to
progress or they don't. I continually repeat Elder Hollands words in
my mind when things go wrong. I've said this before in an email but he
said " I am convinced that missionary work is not an easy task because
salvation is not a cheap experience". As I repeat these words over and
over again they gain a new meaning and importance. This work is not
easy. Seeing people I care and want the best for pretty much shut out
the true gospel hurts like nothing I've ever felt before. It's not a
physical pain but a spiritual pain. I was reading the story of Enos
this past week. And I realized now how and why he cared so much about
his people and the record of his people. I never understood why if the
 Lord would give him anything the only thing he would ask for is that
the record of his people be kept safe and never destroyed. Of ALL the
things he could have asked for. But I now know. I have felt as though
I was the one ruining the records of these people. And if the lord
granted me one thing, just one thing, I would ask that these people
and everyone else accept this gospel and that satan would have no
power over them.
     This is the hardest thing about missionary work In my opinion.
Not the homesickness, not being without a phone, not being away from family.......but
seeing those you care so much about not accept this gospel. I
understand what it means to have your soul hunger. Because as Enos's
soul hungered for forgiveness, my soul hungers for the people here in
Orlando to hear and accept this gospel. Now for those who are
preparing to serve I will tell you to put aside childish ways and
habits and let the lord humble you. Until you care about others more
then yourself you will not be the missionary you are supposed to be.
It's going to be hard. Satan knows your weaknesses, but it is my
opinion that he does not know our strengths. And we are to use those
to our advantage in this ongoing war against evil. Trust in God and
his son Jesus Christ and they will make sure you are not alone. Again
I say that until you are humbled, truly humbled by the lord, you
cannot be the missionary you are meant to be. How can you do the Lords
work and try to humble others when you yourself have not been? I am
not perfect by any means. I mess up just as much as the next person.
But I can honestly say that the Lord has humbled me in a way I didn't
think was possible. " the gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of
transformation". I bear humble witness of this. I love you all and may
we all continue to let this gospel humble us.

 Love Elder Armijo

 PS again: Mother's Day is coming up! So that means skype or FaceTime!
Can't wait to see everyone's face! Especially momma cuz Mother's Day

1. Elder Yates, Me and Elder Pututau
2.  Mission Conference with Elder Pututau
3.   My new Friend Trevor.  He's a frog that stays on theme leaf and I see him every morning.   He's a nice frog.  Hopefully there are frogs in the Celestial Kingdom.
4.  Selfie from last Monday

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