Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 25, 2015.........Family History Work and Lorenzo Brown!

Hello friends and family!
 Another week down! I hope everyone is doing
well and had a good week! I know I am and I know my week was good
haha. So I hope this email thing works today cuz last week it didn't
and that stunk. But anyway, this past week was a good one! We taught a
lot of lessons (like usual) and found a few new people to teach! Which
is pretty sick. We hope to be setting dates with them this coming
week! And by the way it's already been another 6 weeks! This is week 6
of the transfer so Saturday we will find out which one of us is
getting transferred. There's some rumors floating around about Elder.
 P going ZL and me training in Olympia but idk I think president Berry
is more inspired than making decisions on what he thinks is best. The
 Lord is without a doubt involved so it could go either way we are
almost sure we're getting split up though. Which stinks. I've been
with elder P longer than I have any other comp and I don't think
there's anyone that can top him man he's my boy!! Haha. We've had some
fun times and some awesome experiences together. It will be sad to see
what happens. He just hit his year mark so he will leave 6 months
before me but I know we will be good friends after the mission. I have
met many elders and sisters here that will be lifelong friends (mostly
elders lol). If you ever want to make awesome friends just serve a
mission. You'll strengthen your friendship with Jesus Christ and also
find some new ones along the way haha. Yesterday in church the theme
was family history work. There were a lot of good talks given and I
learned a lot. It motivated me to actually look at my family tree on
family search and I found some wicked awesome stuff haha. Although I
cannot act on any family history work in the mission field I do my
best to research and learn what I can. But as I was looking I came
across someone named Joel Hills Johnson. I think he's like my 5th
great grandfather or something like that. Anyways I found out that he
actually wrote the lyrics for the hymn "High On a Mountain Top" and
like 700+ more hymns!!!! Hahaha pretty gnarly if you ask me. Just look
at the bottom of the hymn page and you'll see his name! Also another
like 4th great grandfather his name is Lorenzo Brown Sr I believe, and I
found out he participated in the temple work for the following people:
Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon Bonaparte, John Adams, and Matthew
Thornton.,,,,,,....pretty cool if you ask me haha. Anyway, do
family history work. More than just researching actually do something
with what you find. There are family members of ours waiting for the
opportunity and only we can provide that for them! I wish we had more
time to do work for the dead but that's not our calling right now! So
I have to wait until after my mission! ( not long at all)  it's going
by so fast I can't explain it. I Love you all and I hope you all are
doing awesome!

Elder Armijo

1: what happens after it rains in Florida
2:me and pututau chillin 😎
3: me and a pit bull
4: getting a smooch from the pit bull


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