Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May 11, 2015......................They are called of God to do God's work here on earth"

Well hello family and friends!! And happy Mother's Day to my Mom and
every Mom and every woman out there! I was so happy I got to FaceTime
my Momma and my family yesterday! It was such a blessing! I wouldn't
be here without my Mom and I don't think any Missionary would be
This past week was a good one. We saw a lot of people and taught a lot
of lessons (as usual). We got back into contact with "C" and she
set her own baptismal date! So that was a miracle in itself because
we weren't sure if we would ever see her again!! We had been praying
and praying and I know my Mom had been as well and I bet because it
was Mother's Day the lord decided to answer my Moms prayer 😉. Because
she invited us over and we had such an awesome lesson. She is going
through a lot but it's good to see the light  of Christ still in her.
Also this week we had Zone Conference and Elder Clarke of Seventy was there and he pretty much lead the whole meeting. He gave us such good instruction on what we can do to better ourselves and the ward we are working in.
 After the meeting I was chosen to be interviewed. There were 5 missionaries out of 3 zones that were interviewed and it was my luck I was one of them! lol. I was scared when I found out but when the interview started it
turned out to be an answer to my prayers. He asked me about my family
and I told him a few things and we talked about basketball lol. Then
he asked me how my mission was going and I told him that there had
been a few rough spots and there still are but I'm hanging in there
and I told him I was still trying to leave home at home. He looked
at me and said " Elder I have only one thing to say and that is to
just suck it up" and then we moved on to the next question😂😂😂 it
was pretty straight forward and I think it's the best counsel I could
have gotten. This isn't my time it's the Lords time. And then at the
end of the interview he asked if I had any questions and I asked him a
question that had been weighing heavily on my mind and heart which I
shared with my family but I won't put in this email for personal
reasons. He reassured me of a few things after my question and
then he stood up and said Elder I'm going to give you a blessing" He
  put his hands on my head and as soon as he did tears started to
flow, I felt and it felt as if Jesus Christ himself was standing
behind me giving me this priesthood blessing. And I believe he was.
These men that are in the leadership of the church are not called of
themselves. They are called OF GOD to do Gods work here on earth. The
 Priesthood is a real thing and it is found here in this church. That
blessing was from my Father in heaven because  Elder Clarke didn't
know what I was struggling with personally, but God knew and gave him
the knowledge and the words to say. This church is true. I can't deny
that nor will I ever. I love my family and I love this gospel and most
importantly I love my savior Jesus Christ.
Elder Armijo
 Here Kitty Kitty!
 Me and Elder Pututau at Stake Conf
 Skyping with my family.  I only had Cheez-its to eat all day

Skyping with his cousin, Elder Gunnar Scrogham in Chicago, IL

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