Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015......"We Cannot Do This Alone"

Hello everyone!

Another week down! And a good one at that! I hope everyone enjoyed General Conference and received personal revelation! My favorite talk was by Elder Holland! He told the story of the older brother who saved his little brother even though he almost died himself. I was in tears through the whole talk as I thought of a few things. One; my literal big brother Queston, who has been my rock and my best friend and has helped me become the person I am today. Because of his example to serve a mission I too am here serving. I thank Heavenly Father for my big brother and the friendship and bond we have. My brother has truly saved me in ways he does not know. His example to serve saved me spiritually as I was about to fall off the cliff. I also thought about my other brother, Jesus Christ and how much love he has not just for me but for everyone. He paid the ultimate price and for who? Not for just me or just you but for all that ever were and ever will be. Because of him death can be conquered and the grave hath no sting. The pain of sin is swallowed up in Christ and we can be forgiven of the things we have done wrong. The savior could have turned back, he could have let us all fall from the cliff and save himself, but he didn't. So why do some turn from him now in this life? Why do some believe that they can do it alone? That Is something that has weighed heavily on my mind. There are people in this world that think they have to go through this life alone. Some don't know there is a Savior who calls out for them, others just don't care. We cannot do this alone. Jesus Christ died for us and atoned for our sins and he offers us his never ending love and support if we just reach out and ask!! I can only hope that I can share this with EVERYONE I see and meet here because it is truly a life changing truth. The third thing I was thinking about was my best friend Curt. Like Queston, he too has saved me in ways he does not know. He set the standard for both of us when my faith was wavering. I know now that the reason I needed to switch schools was so me and Curt could become better friends. Without him I don't know where I would have ended up in High School. Likewise, I thank my cousins Cade, Seth and Gunnar for paving the way for the rest of us. I have learned from the emails of my cousins and I am filled with joy when I picture all the lives they are blessings. Another thing I noticed about conference was it was family oriented, at least the Saturday sessions were. I love my family and I am very grateful for them and their support. Mom, Dad, Bryant Ciarra , Chandler, Kayden, Hunter and Queston and Mollee. You guys rock my socks off and I love you more than I can explain. You guys never gave up on me and I commend you for always putting up with me. I just want to end this email with my testimony that Jesus is the Christ and he lives today. Through him all may be brought back from  the edge of the cliff or even from the fall off the cliff. The Atonement is real because Jesus Christ is real. Let him and his Atonement carry us all through this mortal experience called life. I love you all so much and hope you all had a good Easter. 

Elder Armijo

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