Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015............"Are We Standing in Holy Places?"

Okay man what's up guys!
Another week down! Crazy it's been 4 months
already!  This week was pretty sweet we had "C's" baptism!  I
was super nervous as was he lol because I have never baptized someone and
he had never been baptized. But all went well and he said he loved
it! His Sister and Mom and Stepdad actually came to the baptism! We
hope to start working with them as well in time! But this week was
awesome because we got a media referral! Which means she was online
and wanted to get in contact with the missionaries so they gave us her
info! "C" was also a media referral as was "V" (a recent convert
before I got here). Media referrals are always miracles in themselves.
So "Cass" was going through a tough time and she wanted a church to
pray with and she was online and came across so she got in
touch with an online rep and they talked for a while and prayed
together and "Cass" said she was so happy. She asked how she could
learn more and the online rep said she would send Missionaries there
in a few days. So the next day after they talked,  me and elder Pututau
were legit like .2 miles from her home and we just happened to check
our referrals that day and it said she wanted a visit so we stopped by
and man she is amazing! She said she had known Missionaries when she
was younger and they would always been so nice to her family and taught
he family! After discussing a few things and showing her the new
Easter video we invited her to be baptized! She said she would like to
when the time comes! Then right After we got done with that lesson
we got in the car and our ZLs texted us and said to call another set
of Elders because they had an awesome referral for us! So we call them
and they did indeed! It's a young couple with a young baby and the
elders contacted them and they were super excited about finding a
church and they took a Book of Mormon and also said how they were
excited that there was a Prophet on the earth today!!!! Miracles
happen , but only if you are worthy for them to happen to you!!
The lord will bless you with people that need you but only if he knows
your willing to do something about it! Miracles keep happening and
it's only the beginning! Me and Elder Pututau also gave 5 blessings
yesterday.  We also taught the Gospel Principles class and the lesson
was on the Priesthood. As we were teaching I was reminded of Thomas S
 Monson who said "Wherever we go our priesthood goes with us, are we
standing in holy places?" Or something along those lines. So this week
as you all go about your week, ask yourselves. Are you standing in
holy places? Are you doing what is right and worthy of that
 Priesthood? Both men and women. We are all under the direction of the
 Priesthood and we are all under its influence no matter our age,
color, sex, or size. The Priesthood is real and I have seen literal
miracles of healing from it in these short 4 months I have been out.
Stand in holy places my friends. And the Lord will be right next to
you. I love you all stay Gucci! .

Oh and I almost forgot by now you guys have seen the new Easter video
#Because He Lives.....I would also invite you to share like and post
that video as much as you can! I know you are all on Facebook
Instagram and Twitter so share it with everyone! It was hard not to
tell about it but we as Missionaries knew about it coming out since
our last missions conference when elder Zswick of the 70 came! They
actually showed us the video before it was released and before it was in
its final stages! So everyone share and keep sharing that video with those around you! 

Elder Armijo

"C's" Baptism

Service Project at an Elementary School.

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