Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015 "Me and Elder Pututau are killing it!"

Hello friends and family!

Another week gone by in sunny hot humid Orlando! This week has been a good one! Me and Elder Pututau are killing it! We teach so many people haha. Our investigator C who is getting baptized on the 28th so this Saturday asked me to baptize him! He had been praying about who should baptize him and who should confirm him and etc. and he said finally he had the idea to put the names in a bowl and let the lord guide his hand! So he said the first name was going to baptize him (me) the second was going to confirm him (Pututau) and The last two would speak on baptism and the Holy Ghost ( some members he has grown close too)! So I will be baptizing C this Saturday and I'm so excited! It's been so awesome seeing him grow spiritually and just in general. He has defended the Book of Mormon so many times it's unreal how strong his faith and devotion to the Gospel is! We have been working on getting more referrals from members but it just hasn't been working out and I think it's the lords way of telling us we need to go find people ourselves so that's what we will be doing all this week! We are having a missionary barbecue this week lol. We will be having barbecue at a less active members home ' and he will be inviting his whole neighborhood for some fried chicken and some Gospel lol. So hopefully we can find some people to teach there! And we are also going to devote some time in a day to purchase an all day bus pass and go contacting on the bus! The buses are huge thing here in Orlando and  so many people use them so we had the idea of just devoting one day to riding the buses with a member who rides them a lot and to teach people the gospel! It should be awesome! Also we got flipped off this week lol. Some guy was driving by super fast and I looked over and saw his hand up and I thought he was waving so I went to wave back and realized it was his middle finger lolol it's okay he'll get baptized some day. Well this week should be good! I'm super excited for C to be baptized! I love you all and I hope everything is going well back home! 

Elder Armijo


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