Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015 " I Am Convinced That Missionary Work is Not an Easy Task Because Salvation is Not a Cheap Experience"....Elder Holland


Well the last week of the transfer is over!! Unfortunately Elder Yates
will be transferred! He's been here in Olympia for almost 8 months so
we kinda figured it was his time to leave! And I'm staying! I'm glad
I'm not being moved again hahaha I think I can lead the area now so it
should be a good learning experience. Elder Yates was the District
 Leader so I think they are going to bring another District Leader in
as my companion! This transfer has been so sick. Me and elder Yates
have done such awesome things here in Olympia and he is leaving on a
good note. I don't think I've told you guys about Courtney. Courtney
is 16 and he was a media referral. He requested a Book of Mormon
online and so we got his info and went over. We have taught him 3
times now and he will be baptized on March 28! Wait a sec I think I
did say something about him last week. He was the one that came to
church and was asking about baptism hahaha. But yeah he is super
awesome and is excited about being baptized. No word from Erick yet
but we will keep trying to call and stop by! Earlier this week Elder
Yates showed me a "talk" given by Elder Holland to a group of mission
presidents and I'm not sure when or where it was or how to find it but
the quote that struck me the hardest is along the lines of "I am
convinced missionary work it not an easy task because salvation is not
a cheap experience" you've probably seen that quote on FB or
something. But this talk really really hits you hard especially as a
missionary. I don't think I've heard a more powerful talk by Elder
 Holland than this one. This week we have had a lot of members going
out with us to lessons and it was so nice. I've said this a ton but
I'll say it again. Member missionaries make more members! The work
goes so much better when the Ward is involved. So if you guys back
home or wherever your reading this have missionaries in your
ward(which you all should) ask them when they need you to go out with
them. There should not be one lesson that those missionaries don't
have a member. The missionaries job is to teach and invite it's the
wards job to keep people active and coming to church. Help your
missionaries out, I only say this and emphasize this because me and
 Elder Yates have been taken care of so much here and It would be wrong
of me not to invite you guys to do the same for the missionaries where
you are. Not only will it help them but it will excite you and get you
pumped up to do more missionary work. Remember salvation is not a
cheap experience. We must be missionaries every day of our lives. I
love my mission and I love the things I have learned in the short time
I've been here. I'm so excited for the time I have left. The church is
true, the book is blue, and Jesus loves you! Oh and on Saturday a
young man named Immri was baptized! I never told you guys about him.
Immri is in the Ocoee Ward (my last Ward) he is a friend of some
members and he had been coming to church for a while and so me and
 Elder Pelo started teaching him. We set a baptism date with him and
everything and then Pelo went home and I got transferred. But the
elders that got out there in place of us kept teaching him and finally
got him baptized! Immri even asked if I would baptize him so I asked
 President but he said no! Haha so that was a bummer but we still got
to go to the baptism and I'll send some pics of that! Love you all!
Elder Armijo

 Immri and I at his Baptism
Group Baptism photo
 Me and Elder Yates at Church (Olympia Ward)
Ammon and Sister Hanson at church


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