Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015.............#theatonementisrealpeople

Holy another week done! Hahaha so just a recap on the beginning of the
week! We had transfer meeting and Elder Yates got transferred! And as
 President was saying where all the missionaries getting transferred
were going I saw my boy Elder Pututau was one of the ones getting
transferred and he is a district leader so he could have been put with
me. So I said a quick prayer and asked Heavenly Father if it be his
will to please put elder Pututau and me together..guess who my new
comp is? Elder Pututau!!! Hahahah I was so stoked! He is from salt
lake and he is full Tongan! He's a beast! He is huge! (In a good way)
he has a scholarship to the U to play football after he gets home! But
he might go to OSU because the coaches that recruited him at the U
moved to OSU I guess? Idk lol. But he's a boss. We had such a good
first week of the transfer and taught a lot of people. I know Heavenly
Father is watching over me cuz I have been blessed with 3 great
companions already! But that's that! This weeks miracle was awesome!
Might seem small but it was huge to us. So me and Putuau were just
finishing a lesson and it was 4:30 so we had 30 min before dinner and
we were just going to have an early dinner and then I was like well
let's see if there's anyone else we can see. And I was looking in the
area book and I was scrolling and I saw sister Q and something told me
to go see her. So I was like ight dog lets go see her and then we'll
eat yeah? And so we went. Sister Q is a less active who we have been
working with and her son J lives with her also he's about 30
something. So we go there and knock and knock and no one answers. Then
we hear J coming up the stares and he is all excited to see us hahaha.
And so we were like hey J is your mom here? And he said let me check
and he came out and he said no she's not! And right when he said that
I had a straight up prompting that we needed to share something with
him. Just a quick background he is a member but has no records and is
super less active and smokes and yeah he never sits in on lessons or
comes to church. But anyways so we were like hey J can we share a
scripture with you? And he hesitated then he was like.... Ehh why not.
So we sat down and shared mosiah 16:7-9. And we started talking about
the Book of Mormon and and then about the church and he straight up
said that the Book of Mormon is the most correct book ever and that
the mormon church or "Mormonism" as he refers to it is the most
correct church also. And so were like what really!!? And he said yeah
guys these past few weeks I've been. Thinking a lot about my life and
there's something missing and I know it's because I don't come to
church anymore (while we're talking sister Q gets home and joins us).
And me and elder P are like what!!!!(in our heads of course) and were
like well are you wanting to come back to church? And he said oh
yeah....I want to be reconverted and if that means stop smoking and
being rebaptized then so be it. And at this point were just loss for
words all we could do is smile. and he said looking to his mother that
he promises he will be at church tomorrow. And so we leave just super
happy and in shock. And he and his mom come up to me after sacrament
and I wish you guys could have seen how awesome and happy they both
looked. It was like they were new people. J had shaved and was
dressed so nice and sister Q was so happy and had a huge smile on her
face and they stayed all three hours! I saw Christ working in their
lives and it was so awesome. So if there's anything I can advise you
all to do its to listen to the thoughts and impressions that come to
you. They are the spirit and they are inspiration from our Heavenly
Father. Peoples lives can be changed if we just choose to act on the
promptings we receive. The church is true God is real and I love my
mission. And I love all of you! Thank you all for supporting me and
helping me get to this point. #theatonementisrealpeople. Oh and we are
getting new iPads this Wednesday so that's gonna be sick!!!! Oh and of
course!  "C" is super solid still and is so excited to be baptized on the 28th!we are taking him on a temple
tour this week! 
Elder Armijo
 P-Day Hoops with Elder Pututau (New Companion) from SLC

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