Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015-"What good is it to know what we know if we don't live and share it"?

Hello friends and family! Man what a busy week! I can't believe March
is already over 😱 crazy hahaha time is really flying. So this past
week was super busy! But it went by so fast since we had P-day on
Tuesday. So like I said last p day we had mission conference! It was
sweet. And then on Wednesday I went on exchanges with the zone leaders
for the day! That's was cool. They are bosses man I'm glad we have
super chill/obedient ZLs. Thursday was a normal day except we finally
got to see someone named Courtney! He's 16 and he was a media
referral. He referred himself on Mormon .org and requested a Book of
Mormon. We went over and met him and taught him! He's super awesome
and humble kid he loves researching religions and is looking for one.
His friend told him he should check out the Mormons so he did! After
the lesson he said he wanted to come to church! And he did hahaha. He
was there yesterday and he loved it. He even asked us about baptism!
He was like "so the baptism thing you guys go all the way under
water?" And me and yates explained it and he was like "okay cool so do
I just sign up for a date or something?" And me and yates looked at
 each other and were like....YEP hahahaha. We told him we would talk
more about it this coming week lol he was asking us right in the
middle of the lesson in Sunday school so it wasn't the right time to
set a date but we will this week! These last two weeks have been full
of awesome miracles and honestly the best two weeks so far of the
transfer. This last week (week 6) is going to be suuuuper busy if
everything goes through. We find out who's getting transferred on
Saturday so that's gonna stink! Me and Yates have done work here in
Olympia I hope we can stay at least one more transfer together. Mom I
took a lot of pics this week lol like the most I've taken since I've
been out here. But other than that this week was super good. I was
reading that book you sent me mom "How do I know if I know?" And I
came across a quote I think everyone should read/apply. It says " if
we READ about the gospel, were informed, but if we PRACTICE or LIVE
the gospel, we are transformed." Just think about that this week and
ask yourselves if just reading is enough? What good is it to know what
we know if we don't live and share it? I love you all stay Gucci and
safe. Shout out to the boys doing it big in CHICAGO, ARGENTINA, CHILE,
MEAN????? hahaha love you guys.

 Rafael showed up to ball!
 Nate and I at the MTC
Not sure..haha

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