Friday, August 26, 2016

August 22, 2016....."I Love teaching so much"

Well friends and family another week down here in Cocoa.
 I've been here 15 weeks now which is crazy to think about. 
My mom sent me a picture of my flight plans she received this past week lol 
pretty dope. This week was okay like usual we had about 12 visits with people
fall through which is always a huge disapointment. But we were able to meet with a lady
named Stacey who was a Bible referral and when we brought her the
Bible she was super nice and we taught her a little about the
restoration. After we left she went on to and requested
more stuff so we went back again and gave her some DVDs and a pamphlet
and we are now going over there every Friday and Saturday  to teach her
all about the church and go through the lessons with her.  She is
really nice and very open. It's always a good sign when you ask what
they've heard about the Mormon church and they say " well not a lot of
good things but I don't like when people try and say bad things about
another church I never listen to them " haha so we will see where that
goes, it's nice to actually teach someone. I love teaching so much
it's one of my favorite rolls as a missionary. I will miss teaching
immensely once I finish this mission. I love you all I will try and
write more stuff in the coming letters!

Here is a pic of the senior missionaries that went home.

Cocoa /Vero Beach Zone-First Zone Conference with President Clark

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