Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November 16, 2015....."Hold to the Rod and never let go"

Well friends and fam bam it's been another week!

This past week was super busy and crazy and really awesome. The big news is transfers is tomorrow and me and Elder Wilson will be staying together for another 6 weeks, but there's a catch. We are going to be switching areas with the sisters in our ward. So right now we cover the south part of the ward and the sisters cover the north, but the sisters have been complaining that their area is too dangerous at night tell the members how scared they were so we got a call from President Berry and he told us we will be switching areas December 1st. Which means all the people we are working with we won't be working with anymore. Honestly I've been a little upset about it since we found out but I'm trying to focus on the positive things about it such as new people to work with and more people to find and we get a new apartment but still upset to say the least. Oh well I'll get over it. 

 I normally don't give a play by play of the days but this time I will so:

Monday was pday and we had district pday. We went to a place called the Old Sugar Mill and we made our own pancakes and stuff it was cool. Then we went on a nature walk lol which was also very cool I guess but very humid like for real Florida would be perfect without the humidity. So that was fun. Tuesday we had zone conference! It was pretty good. We were introduced to the TIWI device which is something that goes into our cars that tracks our driving and stuff ( the government is watching ) so every missionary companionship got one hooked up to their car.. Except for me and Elder Wilson hahaha. Our car is old and has 51k miles on it so when we are done with it they are just going to get rid of the car so they didn't put one in ours. Everyone is pretty jealous hahaha.

Wednesday and Thursday we had little time in " our area " lol so we stopped by a few people and we got to eat with Maria and her son and his girlfriend which was awesome. She cooked some legit Spanish food it was bomb. We got to answer some questions her son and his girlfriend had about the church and stuff and it was pretty cool, then Friday. 

Friday was awesome! We were able to go to the temple! Elder Wilson at the beginning of his mission baptized a family and they hit their year mark and so when converts hit their year marks they get to go to the temple and so Elder Wilson and his trainer were able to go but so were their companions so we got to go to an endowment session with his converts for their first time, But then get this....... It's the cherry on top! They have three kids!  So on Saturday the next day we drove down again to the Temple for the sealing of the family!!! It was so sickkkkk. I had been to a sealing before for Queston and Mollees but this one was different because there was 3 little kiddos and it was the coolest thing. Elder Wilson and his first comp ( Elder Scott my homie ) got to be the witnesses!! So being Elder Wilson's comp this transfer was a super! plus because I got to go the temple twice this week when we only usually get to go twice a year!

Sunday We had church and that was awesome. Then later that night or last night. We were able to attend a special musical concert for the missionaries put on by some guy named Marvin Goldstein and a woman named Vanessa Joy. I guess they are some pretty famous performers and they were in Orlando doing a show and so they called President Berry and said they wanted to do a concert for all the missionaries and any investigators we have. So we went to that and it was pretty awesome. He plays the piano and she sings really well. ( I still think my little sister sings better than anyone ) . But yeah I found out the Vanessa lady is from AZ as well so that's cool, but anyway, this week was cool.
I hope you all had a good one. I know some bad stuff went down in Paris. we might not get to listen to the news or watch it but the members sure do make sure we know how bad the world is.. Stay close to the Lord. We know these are the times prophesied by so many. Hold to the rod and never let go. 

I'll try and take some pics today love ya guys 
Elder Armio
PIC:  This is Levi!  He's my best friend!

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