Monday, November 30, 2015

November 23, 2015..."New area = New People to work with"

Hey fam bam how is everything?

Okay anyway, this past week was pretty cool just a normal week sorta we had a few doctors appointments. We had to go to for Elder Wilson so like 3 days we weren't even in our area which stunk but when we were it was just filled with stop bys and getting people ready for the sisters to start working with them. We finally got a referral this week from the Sanford Elders but we haven't been able to meet with her yet she keeps changing the day haha So we aren't sure if she's down, but the Elders say she's super solid so we have faith that we will be able to meet with her. We also had our Book of Mormon study group like we always do on Wednesday and "M" came and she just bore her testimony like it was nothing. It was at the end of our study and she shared her conversion and her testimony not just to this church but of her faith in Christ and it was so sick!! Almost cried. Jk I don't cry. But really it was awesome she is gonna be gone for a while she is leaving today actually to NY to see her daughters so we aren't sure when she will be back. But the sisters will now be working with her when we switch our areas. Speaking of that, Me and Elder Wilson are actually pretty excited. We've set a lot of companionship goals and many personal goals and the conclusion or big goal is we just want to feel more like Missionaries. We want to not cut corners and we want to work hard so we don't look back and say oh I wish I would have done this better or work harder. We are excited for a new area and new people to work with. I'm pumped because we will be living across the street from the church building so now I can wake up and go play basketball for my Morning workouts and lose some of this weight I've gained I'm so fat. But yeah it will be awesome, this week we have Thanksgiving lunch/dinner with the Smiths my favorite family.  Actually I have a lot of favorite families haha but they are on the top of the list. So we are excited for that!!! I hope everyone has somewhere to go for the Holidays. If there are people in your ward or just people you know in general who don't have anywhere to go or food to eat for Thanksgiving please invite them into your homes.

I love you guys. Sorry, not much happened this week when we switch areas we will have more things to write about haha. Let me know if I can do anything for any of you!! Have a great week. 

Ya boy Elder Armijo " The Legend " 

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