Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015..."We know this is the start to the progression of work here"

Hello friends and fam!!

 Another week down here in the FOM. This week marks 11 months since I've arrived. Pretty crazy. It's funny every time another month passes I always think back to when I was a greenie.  I literally never thought I would make it to a year it seemed so far away. I wish it was as far away now as it was then but I'm grateful for the time I've had here so far and the many people I have met. Anyway, this past week was pretty good. We seem to be doing a lot of the same stuff each week but for some reason Sunday went from being the day we unwind to our busiest day of the week. We see all the people that say they will come to church and don't, and we see all the people that did come to church. This last Sunday we stopped by to visit a  lady named "M" who is a member but she is sort of less active. We came across her in the area book and we had no idea who she was so we decided to stop by her house ( I think I've mentioned her before ) and she ended up being super awesome and she has come to church the last two weeks. So, today we went over in the evening and we talked to her and we were able to give her son and his girlfriend a blessing. It was sort of awkward at first because we had never met them before nor talked with them but they are non members so it was a good way to talk about the Priesthood being restored. But as we were leaving "M"'s house she told us that she is so grateful we stopped by. She used to not like our ward but she says ever since we've stopped by, the ward has been so loving and caring and welcoming more than ever before so she thinks we are " Special Missionaries" she said that we could wrap Jesus all around her family. She wants us to teach her husband and her son and her sons girlfriend because she said no other Missionaries had been able to talk to her husband but he has been so awesome with us and the same with her son. "M" is so awesome. She has only been to church twice since we've met her and this Sunday she bore her testimony and shared her conversion story and it was so cool! It's been a real testimony builder for me because it just helps me know what I already know, that the Lord guides us to those that are ready, members and non members. Even though we don't have much going on in this area right now, we know this is a start to the progression of the work here. I hope you all had a good fast Sunday and I hope you actually fasted and didn't just go hungry hahaha. I'm guilty of that sometimes. Anyway, LOVES and also I'll send pics in a separate email!!  

Elder Armijo

Oh and this just happened.....So get this We were emailing at the church and I went to the car to grab something and a guy pulled up a big black guy and he was saying how he and his family were trying to get home to Indiana and he was asking for the bishop or a pastor but there is no one here Except us missionaries and he said he and his wife had met with missionaries while they lived in Florida and so he didn't know where else to go but the church, so I grabbed elder bravo and elder chugg and we were talking to him and of course as missionaries we aren't supposed to give out money I know that but I couldn't just tell him " yeah man we are missionaries for the church of JESUS CHRIST " and then tell him we can't help him? When we all knew good and well we could at least get him gas. So after thinking and praying in my head I told him that I would fill his tank up. And so I did. And I feel great about it. 27 dollars I would have used to buy shoes that I don't need but that I wanted, but instead it helped a family. 

1. Me and Elder Wilson at the booth
2. Fall Festival (Our Booth that the Sisters set up)  haha
3. Our District plus the Hermanas from the Spanish Branch

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