Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 26, 2015...."Even though I'm a Missionary, I'm not perfect"

Hey friends and fam bam what's up?
 Another week has come and gone. And October is pretty much over. Happy birthday to my Momma on the 31st she's the best. When things get tough I know I can always count on my mom to send me something to cheer me up or send me something that will make me snap outta being such a softy haha. I'm grateful for the support I have back home it helps me so much. Mom I'm not sure what age you are now but I'll guess and say 45 ? I should know but I don't. Hahaha. Still love you though.

 Anyway, this week was pretty good. It started out really slow because Tuesday I was sick and so we stayed in all day and I got to drink some Diet Coke and take medicine (Mission Nurse orders...no really) . I hated not doing anything it's like so annoying when we aren't doing anything but I could barely walk I had such a bad migraine for like 3 days straight haha. Then the rest of the week I was fine the medicine and rest on Tuesday helped me continue throughout the week and now I'm back to normal.

 This week we were invite to attend a missionary homecoming dinner for two guys that just returned this week from their missions. That was pretty trunky hahaha but it was cool they cooked a pig so that was cool. But Sunday was a good day for us. We had church which is always so awesome. Church is the best!. Then we had dinner at the Smiths and they are probably my favorite family in the ward hahaha. Thus are just really down to earth and we always have fun when we are at their house. Then afterwards we had like 4 hours to kill. Honestly, I was so tired I just wanted to go home  but I kept feeling like we should go see a family that is less active and so we did and we had never met them and we stopped by and it was so awesome haha I went to knock on the door and right before I knocked the husband answered and was like hey elders Come on in. And so we did and we talked with them for about an hour and shared a message with them. They had been through the temple and everything and are still super strong in their  testimonies they just simply got out of the habit of coming to church. Work got crazy and so did life and they slowly stopped coming. So it was awesome to meet them they are so cool!. Also, this week we helped a guy change his tire. We were pulling out of our complex and I saw a guy changing his tire and I was like. " ehh I'm hungry " and I wasn't going to stop cuz even though I'm a missionary I'm not perfect but I looked over again and his car fell off the jack and slammed to the ground so then I was like okay we're gonna drop and help and so we pulled off and walked up to him and he was trying to lift his car by himself and he couldn't so we told him we would lift and he could grab the jack and position it again so we did that and we ended up talking to him. He's from Nigeria and he has friends that are members of the church and he said he's going to talk to them about the missionaries and going to church now! He doesn't live in our area but still it was pretty sweet. Anyway, love you guys hope you all had a good week, oh and did I mention when I went to lift the car my pants ripped right down the crotch? Yeah it was pretty funny hahahahaha. 

Elder Armijo

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