Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015 ..."If We Don't Have That Then We Have Nothing"

Well hello friends and family!

 Another week has come and gone and so has transfers. So my new companion is Elder Wilson and he's from Albany Oregon. He's a chill guy and we get along pretty well. I've been kinda trunky lately since my last comp Elder Ferrin is home right now in Arizona haha it's weird to think about but this week was so awesome! Hands down best week so far in this area. We decided to just go through our area book in the former section and stop by every person that had met with missionaries before but were dropped due to dumb reasons. So we did that and we found 5 new people to teach this week. Not to mention we received a media referral for a lady who requested a Bible and so we go over there and she said she doesn't remember requesting a Bible but she allowed us to share a message with her and we did and she invited us back and now we are teaching her!!! We are super pumped to finally have people to teach that has been the struggle here the last 6 weeks. So we are gonna just keep finding and finding until we have everyone in our area book stopped by or teaching. Diligence is key. Work work work, there's no satisfactory substitute. This all happened within like the first 2 days of us being together so I'm super pumped for what's to come with these new people and with the people we are yet to find. I hate not having people to teach and places to go. Nothing bugs me more than not having anything so I'm just super pumped. I'll be honest when I first got to this area I didn't like being here. But now I love it. I love the ward and I love the people here. Not to mention we are full car now which is good because we don't have to bike anymore but also bad because I'll probably gain some pounds I don't need lolol. But don't worry when I hit 18 moths I'll be doing 6 months to sexy so I can be slim again when I return. Anyways I love you guys and I love this mission. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I think that's so important, to have a relationship with Christ. If we don't have that then we have nothing. The Book of Mormon , Joseph smith, the church they all mean nothing if we first don't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, this is his church and no one else's. Love ya guys have a good week! 

Elder Armijo

1. Me and Elder Ferrin at transfer meeting RIP Elder Ferrin 
2. This is my new companion Elder Wilson and his 400 ties 

At transfer meeting

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