Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015....."Although I may fall short, I am worthy to hold this Priesthood"

Well friends and fam bam!

  Another week has come and gone. Time is going fast. I wish I could be at the beginning of my mission again. I miss being a greeny hahaha not really. But anyway, this past week was a pretty good one. Unfortunately, we weren't able to meet with that many people that we found last week but this week will be way better. We have a lot of set lessons with people. But  we were able to come across a less active member who is Super awesome. Her name is "M"  and she is so happy and nice. We were just going through our area book and were stopping by members that we didn't recognize and she was one of them . When we knocked she opened the door and was so happy to see us, the first thing she said was " I was just thinking about you guys" I love when that happens. It just shows me more and more that God knows us. So she invites us in and we get to talking and we find out she used to attend a Spanish branch but it is too far away and she says that reason she hasn't come to the English ward is because the ward isn't as welcoming and loving as the Spanish branch. Which I could go on about that but I won't this time. Save you guys my opinion for once lol. But anyway, her husband is not a member he's actually atheist and he was just leaving but he seemed really nice. We were able to teach her and talk to her about coming to church. She kept telling us to pray for her husband and so we did and we gave her a blessing. This was Saturday, Sunday we were hoping she would come to church but she ended up not going so we stopped by again and she said she couldn't get a ride but she also told us  that later Saturday night when her husband got home he walked in and sat down and told her he felt really peaceful and calm and she said she told him it was because the Mormons were praying for him and he didn't say anything . But that was pretty cool I know it's because we are praying for him. God loves him just as much as he loves the prophet of the church, that might rattle some people but it's the truth, God loves the strongest atheist just as much as he does the prophet of the church. Another highlight of the week was a recent convert asked if I would be the one to give him the Aaronic Priesthood and ordain him to the office of a Priest. I was super happy and shocked he asked me and I was so nervous. It was one of the best experiences I've had on my mission. I know that he will stay active and continue to do what is right and when it comes time for him to be ordained to the Melchizedek priesthood he will be ready. It's awesome how the Lord can use us as his instruments in this work if we are worthy. On my mission I have felt so inadequate in various situations, but my greatest joy is found when someone asks me to help them via exercising my priesthood such as blessings or baptism, or ordaining someone, because I know that although I may fall short everyday, I am worthy to hold this priesthood and when called upon to exercise it there is no hesitation. I'm so grateful for that and I hope and pray that it can stay that way throughout my life. So, to those of you who are younger in High School or Middle School who hold the Aaronic priesthood, remember that wherever you go, you're priesthood goes with you. So always be worthy of it. Remember who you are and when situations arise that would possibly jeopardize your worthiness, ask yourself if what your about to do or say will help edify or help diminish that priesthood that you hold. Because one day you will be called upon to exercise that priesthood and when that time comes you must be willing and worthy to do so. I love you all and hope you all have a great week. Stay active, stay worthy, and if the gospel of Jesus Christ isn't working for you, simplify your life so it does work for you. 
Elder Armijo
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